10 Tips How to Unleash Your Creativity in Street Photography | Eric Kim

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What is creativity? We like to think of it is as something we are born with–something that is innate. For example, certain children when they are young are deemed “creative” while others aren’t. But how can this be? “creativity” in itself isn’t a genetic trait like height, eye color, or body type. Rather, creativity can be explained by being able to “connect the dots” between the things that you know. Whenever we think of “eureka” moments, it isn’t sudden moments of inspiration that come out of nowhere. Rather, it is all the knowledge that you have accrued and learned over the years — with the sudden connections in-between igniting when we are resting. It has to do with the right side of the brain (that makes connections between the things that we know). Whereas the left brain is more for processing data and ideas in our mind. ? Creativity is a combination of work done between the left and right side of your brain. The right side of the brain helps us make sense of connections in life, such as stories and metaphors. Some tasks also associated with the right side of the brain include spatial abilities, facial recognition, visual imagery, and music. This is why in studies of people who have damaged right sides of their brains don’t understand metaphors (but can still function regularly). The left side of the brain manages more calculations such as processes involved with language, math, and logic….
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