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A Prospectus On The Leica M-9P vs. Fuji X-Pro1 | Bryan Jones

Over the next little while, I am looking forward to comparing and contrasting the Leica M9 experience with the Fuji X-Pro1, a rangefinder style camera that in many ways is the Leica M9s contemporary, yet has shown Leica the way forward.  Last year, I stepped into the Fuji X-mount waters with the X-Pro1 and its been a revelation in so many ways. So, when I recently found a Leica M9-P in my hands through a surprising transaction, the opportunity to do a reverse experiment of sorts was in place.   My goal here over the next little while is to seriously give the Leica a chance now that I’ve had a little over a year with Fujis, a camera system that has absolutely rocked my world and placed a series of shots across the bow of camera companies world wide.  So, what I hope to do over a few posts is assemble a prospectus of sorts that describes in the context of a year with Fuji cameras, whether or not the Leica systems make sense to invest in. Will the Leica win my heart back?  We’ll see.  There is much to be passionate about not only the Leica performance, but also the long heritage of finely tuned cameras and optics……


BACK WHERE I BEGAN – Beijing, China Travel Blog | Spencer Wynn

I am back in Beijing. It is funny how comforting it is to be back in this massively overcrowded city with its choking traffic, near lethal pedestrian crossings and aloof hospitality industry! It has been just about 5 weeks of traveling to very remote places, meeting the warmest people ever and living in all manner of lodgings. but coming back to Beijing is something familiar and something predictable. The past few days been spent on a train. 33 hours from Xiamen in south China on the sea. The „soft sleeper“ is a small cubical about 7 feet wide, and tall enough for two bunks arranged on each side. The lower bunks cost a little more and have a tray-sized shared table between them under the window. The upper bunks have no such furnishings, but do have two folding seats out in the common hallway looking out the window on the other side of the train, also a big bonus… an electrical outlet! Small pleasures! ……


Das „Pentazhong Nocticon“… | Carsten Schouler

Wie Sie vielleicht schon bemerkt haben, sehe ich in vielem, über das in den bekannten Foren intensiv diskutiert wird, eine Art “Hype”, der durch eben diese Foren befeuert wird. Es gibt ein paar Ausnahmen. (So finde ich, dass z.B. im “” kein Hype gepflegt wird, sondern sich ziemlich sachlich über Kameras und Objektive ausgetauscht wird.) Wie auch immer. Einer dieser Hypes ist das Fotografieren mit hochgeöffneten Objektiven. Alles, was eine maximale Blendenöffnung von mehr als f/1.4 hat, wird von Offenblendfans nicht mehr ernst genommen. Es muss schon ein f/1.2-Objektiv sein – wenn möglich noch “schneller”…….


Review: Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR |
Jordan Steele

Fuji has done a great job in building a robust lineup for their X-Series mirrorless cameras, but despite releasing the weathersealed X-T1 earlier this year, they hadn’t created a weathersealed lens until now.  The XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R OIS WR is a wide range super-zoom lens that features Fuji’s new Weather Resistant tag, with rubber gaskets around all points of entry and even a novel ventilation system to allow air to enter and leave the lens without sucking in moisture and dust.  The lens covers a great range of focal lengths, equivalent to the field of view that a 27-205mm lens would have on a full frame camera.  The one big up front question with this lens is whether it’s worth the rather high $899 price of entry.  Let’s take a look…..


Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18-135mm F3.5-5.6

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Thousand miles with Fuji X-T1 | Art Photo Feature

An impromptu road trip to Jodhpur happened last weekend. With a few essentials & the Fuji camera, which I love since the time I pressed the shutter of XT-1 for the first time, we ie Rohit (my brother and a photographer), me and my indispensable camera left at the crack of dawn for a photography journey to the historic blue city of Jodhpur. We decided beforehand that we are not going to do photography en route otherwise we wouldn’t reach till the next day! But things rarely happen the way we plan, the sun came out playing hide & seek with the clouds & started teasing us with some immaculate light & both of us had to surrender to our passion………


The Fujifilm X-Series goes Zoo! | André Heid

For several years I love taking photographs of all kinds of animals at Zoo’s nearby. Before I more or less entirely moved to Fujifilm I have used Canon camera equipment like the Canon 1DMkII, 5D and 600D paired with the lovely EF100-400mm, the 100mm L macro and many other Canon L and third party lenses. One of my main concerns entirely moving to Fujifilm was a missing telephoto zoom (>300mm) to replace my “old” 400mm Canon gear. Unfortunately the highly awaited Fujinon telephoto lens was shifted to the end of 2015. At the moment I have the choice to still use my 100-400mm together with the 1DMkII (8MPx) or the somehow focal length limited but very sharp XF55-200mm zoom lens paired with a Fujifilm X camera. I have to admit at all last three Zoo visits I have only used the much lighter Fujifilm equipment of course only to treat my back with respect …..


Fujifilm X-Pro1: my experience | Tom Morris

I recently treated myself to a new camera. I’m not a camera geek. There are a lot of people who spend a lot of time poring over specs, comparing sample images and reading gossip blogs—the current incarnation of the same people who spent enormous amounts of time reading reviews in Amateur Photographer or the British Journal of Photography. Tools become cults and fetishes too quickly: programmers spend an enormous amount of time arguing the intricacies of Python vs Java vs C or Vim vs Emacs (vs Sublime vs nano vs Eclipse vs TextMate). I’ve spent far too much time listening to writers who spend more time deliberating between Microsoft Word, Ulysees, Scrivener and Writer Pro (for some people, writing about writing tools seems to be the only thing they seem to do with their writing tools). And photographers have a similar problem of extreme tool fetishism…….


Fujifilm X-T1 | Patrick Furter

I have recently been approached by FujiFilm South Africa through AtPhoto to take the Fujifilm X-T1 for a ’spin‘. I have since taken this amazing ‚little‘ camera on a couple of shoots. I use the word little, because it is compact, and easy to work with – no bulky equipment and a lens that allows so much freedom. I’ve been a professional photographer for 23 years, and for me this is my day-to-day, my income, my livelihood… I hear the word ‚passion‘ amongst a lot of my peers – using the word to describe themselves as photographers – and yes, it is a passion, but doing 70-80 weddings a year you get into a flow, you give your absolute best, do what is expected of you, and give your clients what they pay for (and more) while making sure your business is a success. But the Fujifilm X-T1 had a wonderful effect on me…it inspires me, and I am excited everytime I get a chance to use it, to play around with it…I almost want to compare it to a performance enhancement drug – it makes me want to be even more creative!…….


The X-T1 does Lightning | John Caz

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting often, I’m too busy fishing! I’m having a great time on Lemnos Island so much that its affecting my photography. I must also apologize for my late email replies – Sorry folks! Anyway, we had a few summer storms here and I found the time to grab a few pics. Fuji X-T1, 18-55mm lens, tripod and a cheap remote shutter which pretty much sucks (more on that later), but does the job. I will add exposure settings at a later date since I’m currently using a bad connection at a coffee shop and an old beaten up laptop. For the most part, i just select an aperture of f/4 or f/5.6 and 30sec – 50sec exposures. Hope you enjoy the images! ….

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