April 2016

Verkaufe Fuji X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition | Thomas Menk

Verkaufe Fuji X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition

  • 10 Monate alt
  • Top Zustand
  • original Verpackung
  • mit Garantie
  • aktuelle Firmware
  • Long Eye Cup
  • Gehäuse mit einer exklusiven Mehrfach-Beschichtung veredelt


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Fujifilm X-Pro2 review: my favorite camera | Sam Byford #THEVERGE

Fujifilm’s new X-Pro2 is a tough camera to review by any ordinary metric — it’s an exotic tool that defies rational purchasing decisions. There are cameras in its price range that will give you better image quality, and there are cheaper cameras — even from Fujifilm — that offer more features. But I love the X-Pro2, and I can’t really say why without spilling my subjective opinion. That’s because the X-Pro2 itself is an opinionated camera — and I happen to agree with it about a great many things. The $1699.95 X-Pro2 is, as you might expect, a follow-up to the X-Pro1. That camera came out four years ago, and was Fujifilm’s first mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. The X-Pro2 doesn’t change the outer body too much, although there are a few tweaks we’ll get into later that do make a meaningful difference to the shooting experience…….

Source: www.theverge.com

Travel Photography with the Fuji Xpro2 | Michael Gane

Travel Photography with the Fuji Xpro2. As well as loving portrait and wedding photography I also have a passion for landscape and street photography. I wouldn’t ever say I’ve got photography sussed as I feel this Art is a continuous learning curve even though my camera goes everywhere with me and I’ve been taking photos since I was 10 yrs of age due to my uncle having a photography studio in London. This article is about one of my latest trips to Italy where I felt it would be great to take along my new xpro2, my Fuji 16mm 1.4 lens and my favorite 56mm lens. Now then, before I receive those negative comments about my blogs and the very personal style of writing, let me explain, these blogs are written mainly as a kind of person diary, not technically written but maybe you may find some interest in the images I’ve provided with this article and my travels around the beautiful Tuscany location, you may even find that you would quite like to visit this fabulous country with its art, culture and of course the Italian cuisine……..

Source: www.thefxworks.co.uk

The Fuji X70 audio review | Marco Larousse

On this episode of the Photofocus #Mirrorless Show Scott and Marco will discuss these new products and mirrorless topics:

  • Scott found some info that Canon may actually step up their game in the mirrorles segment.
  • Marco gives a fairly thorough hands on review of the new Fujifilm X70 compact camera that he has been working with for a month now. He shares a lot of hands on experiences about what worked well and what does not work so well. And Marco gives some solid firmware improvement wishes that the Fujifilm marketing and product engineering team should take a close look at. In the end, Marco gives his thumbs up or thumbs down verdict on this camera.
  • In an interview with Panasonic North America manager Tom Curley, Marco finds out some interesting information about Panasonic and the cooperation with Leica. And there are plenty of information regarding current Panasonic cameras and what their particular strength are. You can find out more about Panasonic Lumix cameras on their website at LumixLounge.com or follow them on Twitter @LumixUSA
  • Scott closes the show with some of his own thoughts on Panasonic Lumix cameras.

Source: fujixfiles.blogspot.de

XF35mmF2 | X Stories | FUJIFILM X

XF35mmF2 was announced and released prior to X-Pro2, but the product planning took place concurrently. The fact is, the product planner of X-Pro2 and XF35mmF2 is the same person. Furthermore, the product designer is also the same person. Here is the „Design spec sheet“ for the product planning of X-Pro2. You can see that the XF35mmF2 was always attached to X-Pro2. Likewise in the planning sheet of XF35mmF2, the X-Pro2 was dominantly present. Just as you figure it out, X-Pro2 and XF35mmF2 were planned and developed to be the best match for each other. Up until the announcement of X-Pro2, we have been asked on numerous occasion, „When will the X-Pro1’s successor come out?“ And we have replied „When we see an advancement in all aspect.“ The answer did not only mean the sensor, processor, finder, and etc., but also a best matching standard prime lens…..

Source: fujifilm-x.com

Fujifilm X70 in Peru: Cusco | Michael St. Jean

After a tremendous amount of self-imposed gear anxiety, I decided to leave the X-T1 and various lenses at home and packed only the diminutive Fujifilm X70 to cover my photography needs, real and imaginary, during my nine days in Peru. I have no hesitation recommending PFL for anyone that wants to travel to Peru without anxiety or doubt and want to focus on adventures and not misadventures. During the next few posts about Peru, I am not going to write many words about the trip, my experiences, or my time with my son; that is reserved for my memories. I am also not going to write much about the Fujifilm X70 except to say I was grateful that it was the only gear I took. I truly appreciated the compactness and capability the X70 afforded…….

Source: photo.stjeanm.com

Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X70 | Fujifilm USA

Designed specifically for FUJIFILM X70* to achieve premium image quality comparable to that of the original lens even when wide open at F2.8. Does not affect the minimum working distance in macro photography.

  1. Using the same design as FUJIFILM X70 lenses‘ barrel (color, surface treatment, material) to offer a premium texture consistent with the looks of the camera body.
  2. Does not require an adapter ring to fit the conversion lens…..

Source: www.fujifilmusa.com

Domke and Fujifilm Collaborate on New Camera Bags | Chris Gampat

Sometimes you collaborations between camera bag companies and camera manufacturers (like Leica and ONA) and this time around we’re seeing just time. Fujifilm and Domke are partnering to create new editions of two of their camera bags. The Domke F-5XB and the F-803 are receiving a special refresh for these reasons with special Fujifilm X series branding on the bags. The branding is subtle and sticks with Domke’s overall low profile look. The bags have waxed cotton canvas and leather accents. They come in a RuggedWear sand color and are available in a 10 inch and 13.5 inch variety…….

Source: www.thephoblographer.com

Die neue Fujifilm X-Pro2: Systemkamera auf hohem Niveau | DigitalPHOTO

Retro-Optik trifft auf moderne Elektronik und innovative Ideen. Mit der X-Pro2 bringt Fujifilm sein neues Flaggschiff-Modell auf den Markt – und zeigt eindrucksvoll, welches Potenzial im spiegellosen X-System steckt. Zu den Highlights zählen der neue optisch-elektronische Sucher und der scharfe X-Trans-CMOS-III-Sensor. Wir haben das neue Modell für Sie getestet: Anschließend an einen ausführlichen Testbericht finden Sie in unserem Artikel eine tabellarische Auflistung aller Details zur Hardware und eine prozentuale Bewertung……..

Source: www.digitalphoto.de

Fuji X70 Review | Noah Bershatsky

A Fuji pocket camera with an APS-C sensor? Sign me up! In the past, I’ve briefly owned the X20 and X30 which are similar in size, but with a smaller sensor. You can see my reviews over on Medium here and here. The great thing about those two cameras is that they are very responsive, have a great zoom range, and they are excellent for closeups. The problem is that they have a smaller sensor, and thus the images really fall apart at high ISOs. I’ve been spoiled recently by the Fuji X-Pro2, but I still like the appeal of having a smaller camera, especially with the new 28mm equivalent focal length that the X70 offers. The price has been a bit off-putting though. What changed?……..

Source: www.bershatsky.com

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