6 Spectacular Portrait Lenses for The Fujifilm X-Series | Anthony Thurston

Portrait Photographers all over are moving to the Fuji X series for a variety of reasons including, size/form factor, weight, and -ofcourse- Fuji’s outstanding colors and jpeg processing. So if you have or are considering a Fujifilm kit for some portrait photography what are some of the good lenses for the system? In this roundup we have 6 incredible lenses for portrait photography on the Fuji X system, plus an added bonus recommendation. So lets jump right into it, shall we? A great low-profile semi compact option for Fuji shooters, the XF 35mm F/2 WR is fast focusing, weather resistant, and offers image quality equal to – and some might say better – its F/1.4 brother in most respects. However, if you are a fan of manual or zone focusing, we would probably suggest grabbing another options instead. Possibly the fastest focusing Fuji lens right now, so if you rely on AF, this is definitely a lens to consider……

Source: 6 Spectacular Portrait Lenses for The Fujifilm X-Series

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