7 Points About the XF 50-140mm F2.8 R LM OIS WR | Olaf Sztaba

After shooting extensively with the XF 50-140mm F2.8, we would like to share a few points about this lens with you:

  1. Micro-Contrast: Superb and on a par with our beloved XF 56mm F1.2
  2. Optics: Bitingly sharp, to our eye, a notch better than Canon or Nikon equivalents
  3. Image Stabilization (OIS): 5-stops – YES, it works, we love it and use it, all the time
  4. Bokeh (out of focus area): Nice for the size of the sensor but we strongly prefer XF 56mm F1.2 in this regard
  5. Construction: All metal, looks and feels great
  6. Size: BIG and heavy – it is NOT a travel lens
  7. Price: Fair for what you are getting

That’s all for now. Here is our mini-session with Nicole shot exclusively with the XF 50-140mm F2.8 attached to the Fuji XT-1…..

Source: olafphotoblog.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF50-140mm F2.8

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