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A week or so back I shot another wedding predominately with my [amazon_link id=“B006UV6YMQ“ target=“_blank“ container=““ container_class=““ ]Fuji X-Pro1[/amazon_link] system. I’ve just got to the editing stage and wanted to pop up a couple of images that struck me and explain why; The first image was shot with the 60mm macro lens. I love this lens, and in fact, I think it produces the best optically out of the three prime lenses available. It’s pin sharp and in macro mode it produces incredibly clear close up images. I’ve been taking it along to weddings with me for a while and have used it occasionally but rarely in anger. Focusing of this lens is relatively slow (which makes sense considering it’s a macro lens) but I wanted to use it in this situation as I was quite a distance away from the bride during the preparation photography. I’ve shot this in JPG and and decreased the exposure compensation to remove most of the clutter in the background (there was bright streaming light on the brides face from a window at the front). I shot a whole sequence of wedding preparation photographs using the lens and I remain immensely satisfied with this lens. The second image was shot on the 35mm lens. Again, I’ve used the exposure compensation to a certain extent to affect the structure of the image. I’ve cleaned up a few more elements in the background to make the image stronger still (I think). I’ll be sharing a lot more images from this wedding when I blog it later in the month but in the meantime the [amazon_link id=“B006UV6YMQ“ target=“_blank“ container=““ container_class=““ ]Fuji X-Pro1[/amazon_link] remains a reliable workhorse for me as a wedding photographer. I’ve yet to see the [amazon_link id=“B0092MD5ZE“ target=“_blank“ container=““ container_class=““ ]X-E1[/amazon_link] but the reviews so far are also very impressive.

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