An open-letter to Fujifilm regarding the X-Pro1 camera | Pedro Kok on Facebook

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I’m an architectural photographer, traveling around the world on assignment. In between shoots, I explore the cities I’m in. The X-Pro1 came in to fill a gap; to allow me to move lightly and quietly when the rest of my equipment is simply too much of a burden. And also, it allowed me to engage in architectural photography in a different way…..
In case I missed someone, it’s because their suggestion is now part of the shared social imaginary for camera wishes (like a digital Rolleiflex, f/1.2 zooms, affordable Leicas …). Onto the list, in no particular order. I’m a big fan of live-view, not only because of 100% framing, but also as a way to evaluate exposure. My working tools are Canon cameras and tilt-shift lenses, and the latter are known to cause craziness to a camera’s metering system. There, exposure simulation live-view came to the rescue, as I can see exposure right off the LCD screen. It’s a valuable asset, and works well from bright to low light – though on long exposures it starts to fail, it’s still something manageable. The Fujifilm X-Pro1 could certainly gain exposure simulation in all PASM modes. In PAS, metering should be activated with a shutter half-press, and stay on even if it’s released. All information displayed in the screen, including Auto ISO’s choice, varying the parameters as light changes. In M mode, display exposure as is; if the exposure values selected under or overexposes the image, let the screen blackout or whiteout. I’ll know what to do. Also, please honor exposure compensation when in M mode and Auto ISO, by throttling up or down sensitivity…..

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