Best Wildlife Combination For Wildlife Photography | Peter Delaney

Best Wildlife CombinationFujiFilm XT-2 And The Fujinon XF100-400mm Now I loved my DSLR gear and had many enjoyable years and was rewarded with some amazing photos. But I was never really totally satisfied. The biggest problem was the weight of my camera equipment. It was too heavy and cumbersome and I hated travelling with it. The other was the uncertainty of whether my photos would be sharp. I was paranoid about mirror vibration. I always did my best in the field to ensure my shutter speed was fast enough and my long lens technique was correct.For years I dreamt of a lighter and shorter long lens. A zoom that would replace two of my lenses the 600mm and 200-400mm.It was always a mission as a subject moved closer to remove the lens from a gimbal head and replace it with the correct lens. Valuable seconds or minutes could be lost. Resulting in missed photographs…..

Source: Best Wildlife Combination For Wildlife Photography — Peter Delaney – Fine Art Photography


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