FUJIFILM X-T2 camera review | Björn Moerman

Lets first go back a few months to April 21. On that day, I received a black box from Japan which had my name on it. Inside I found an early pre-production copy of the X-T2! Completely taped up its secret codename was „Taurus“. While initially the camera had a basic firmware based on the X-Pro2, a number of pre-release firmware updates gradually made it to the X-T2 that is announced today! While most of the firmware updates were installed were relatively easy to install, the last one had to be done by a Fujifilm qualified engineer…  A bummer as I was travelling in that period and therefore could not be done before release date. Briefly, as of today I have not seen the final version of the firmware, although it was pretty close! So although not limited to it, the review below will concentrate a bit more on the ergonomics rather than an in depth firmware review of this great new camera. Overall the new X-T2 looks and feels very much like its predecessor. Actually while shooting the prototype over the last two and a half months, not a single person spotted a „new“ camera, while quite a few thought I was just using an X-T1…….

Part 2: http://bjornmoerman.blogspot.de/2016/07/first-look-fujifilm-x-t2-camera-review_7.html

Source: Björn Moerman PHOTOGRAPHY: FIRST LOOK: FUJIFILM X-T2 camera review (part 1)

How to look sexy | Faby and Carlo

Is there a secret on how to look sexy? Actually there are a couple. They are not secret and they may require some courage, or the right dose of alcohol… Knowing how to look sexy is related to self confidence, hence this stops many women from actually being sexy; however, if you manage to step outside your comfort zone for a while, the results will amaze you. The most beautiful thing about trusting someone else and being sexy if the key to self confidence. It is a snake that bits its tail, this time with a very positive connotation…..

Source: How to look sexy, by Faby and Carlo

Welcome to my Fuji X-T2 Review ~ Initial Thoughts | Kevin Mullins

So its time, once again, to welcome another new camera into the Fujifilm X-Series range.   The Fujifilm X-T2.  Its a camera that has been rumoured ever since the X-Pro2 was announced earlier in the year.  This is my Fuji X-T2 Review (initial thoughts at least). If you have read my review of the X-Pro2, and possibly my shooting weddings with a Fuji blog post you will know that I think the X-Pro2 is a fantastic camera.  I’ve been shooting all my professional wedding photography work with it since January. However, shortly after the X-Pro2 was released, I was lucky enough to be invited by Fujifilm UK to be one of the pre-release testers and evaluators of their new camera, the X-T2. From the 7th July, you will see many Fuji X-T2 Review post across the world.  As ever, I’m not going to give a technical review here.  You will be able to view the full specs on the Fujifilm website……..

Source: Fuji X-T2 Review ~ 4K Video, Tethering & Super Fast AF

Human eye response | Bruce Percy

We are in fact, all blind to true luminosity in the real world. Whereas digital cameras aren’t: they are able to see that the sky is 4 stops brighter than the ground. But just because they can see it – it doesn’t mean digital cameras are giving us what we want. It just means that digital cameras don’t see the way we see. And that’s the important bit.We tend to view everything we look at, as a mid-exposure. When I look at the sky, in my mind I see a mid-exposure of it. And when I look at the ground, I see a mid-exposure of it also. As my eye scans around, I build up an internal representation of the world – a collage or collection of mid-exposures.This is why I don’t agree with the concept that ‚if a scene can fit inside the entire histogram, then we don’t need grads‘. This belief, lacks understanding of what it is we are trying to do with grads in the first place and also what a histogram represents…….

Source: Human eye response — Bruce Percy

Fujifilm X-T2 vs X-Pro2: Sportster vs Hipster? | Take Kayo

Fujifilm’s two flagship cameras have finally arrived, and almost at the same time. Same generation sensor, same generation processor and firmware. We can finally compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges… or can we? The X-Pro series has always been the official flagship body; but the original X-Pro1 couldn’t keep up with the 2 years newer X-T1, the unofficial top-of-the-line body for Fujifilm. The X-T1 had the latest sensor, processor, firmware, superior EVF, AF and was weather resistant…it had everything! The only thing the X-Pro1 had over the X-T1 was the hybrid viewfinder, higher resolution LCD screen and the ‘pro’ designation. Yes the X-Pro1 had the name, but the X-T1 was the top choice when it came to working pros (as well as the X100T). Fast forward to 2016. Fujifilm has a fully matured eco-system. There are basically two body types: the rangefinder-style and the DSLR-style. I say ‘style’ because neither category of body types are technically rangefinders or DSLRs, but they do conform to the ergonomic and functional purpose of these camera types. Which ‘type’ is better, the DSLR or the rangefinder? Which is better, the latest X-T2 or the X-Pro2? Apples to apples, or is it still apples to oranges?……

Source: Fujifilm X-T2 vs X-Pro2: Sportster vs Hipster? | FUJI LOVE

Fuji XT-2: My Impressions | David duChemin

This won’t be a long one because you can get full specs on the Fuji site and review sites that are willing to spend way more energy on details than I have the mental capacity for. Nevertheless the long-awaited Fuji XT-2 has just been announced. Having spent a month with a pre-production model and wishing most of my photography during that month was not underwater, I have been waiting anxiously for the day I could share this with you.If you loved the XT-1, you’ll love the XT-2. To my hands it feels like a faster, better version of the XT-1 that I adore. If you looked at the XPro-2 when it came out and thought there were features you’d like to see incorporated into the new XT, you’re going to love this. Same great old-school ergonomics, same batteries that struggle for life after 400 frames, which I’ve grown used to and am grateful we’re not being forced to buy all new batteries……

Source: Fuji XT-2: My Impressions | David duChemin – World & Humanitarian Photographer, Nomad, Author.

My Full Review of the Fujifilm X-T2 | Dan Bailey

Believe me, I was in no hurry to upgrade. Life with the X-T1 was good and if it took another few years for the “2” to come out, I wouldn’t care.And yet all that changed the minute I pulled the X-T2 out of the box and turned it on.The brand new Fujifilm X-T2 truly represents the next generation of X Series cameras; it has been refined and optimized for maximum performance in nearly every single way.As game changing as the X-T1 was, the X-T2 has set the bar even higher. Anyone who’s been waiting for a truly professional grade mirrorless camera, your wait is over. This is it……

Source: X Series Evolved – My Full Review of the Fujifilm X-T2 | Dan Bailey’s Adventure Photography Blog

Fujifilm X-T2 review | Phil Hall

Ever since the launch of the X-Pro2 earlier this year, rumors have been circulating about the X-T1’s replacement, and after a few online leaks of what appeared to be early production samples, the X-T2 has now be officially announced.The X-T2 now sits alongside the X-Pro2 as the joint flagship camera of the brand, and Fujifilm believes that it now offers two distinct options for photographers. The X-Pro2, with its rangefinder design is more unobtrusive and suited to their range of primes, while the X-T2, with its more SLR-like design is aimed growing range of fast zoom lenses. Pricing has been confirmed, with a body-only price of £1,399 or $1,599.95, while a kit with the 18-55mm f/2.8-4 standard zoom lens will be available at £1,649 or $1,899.95. Fujifilm has said they expect the X-T2 to be available from September 8th……

Source: Fujifilm X-T2 hands on review | TechRadar

Fujifilm X70 review for city and travel photography | Stefano Ferro

Last month I flew to Sydney for few days. I had just my carry-on luggage (7Kg). It was a trip to see few friends. I thought to take my DSLR with me but than I decided not to because it would take most of my luggage allowance and it would also look a bit intimidating when taking photos. I used my mobile instead. Portability should be one of the most important feature when buying travel related gear. Weight and size are two important specs to consider. An amazing looking bag at 10Kg or a beautiful luggage at 5Kg? If you travel and change accommodation frequently, probably 5Kg is the solution, be practical. Back to the camera world. Do you know why your mobile phone is a great camera? ……

Source: Fujifilm X70 review for city and travel photography – MEL365 is Travel photography

Profis zur Fuji X-T2: Interview mit Christian Ahrens & Peter Steffen | Fuji X Blog

Die Profi-Fotografen und Forumsmitglieder Peter Steffen und Christian Ahrens hatten die Gelegenheit, die Fuji X-T2 in der Praxis vorab zu testen. Kurz vor der offiziellen Vorstellung haben wir uns zu einem Skype-Interview zusammengeschaltet und eine knappe Stunde über die Fuji X-T2 als Profikamera und die Verlockungen des Fuji X Systems geredet. Peter Steffen ist dpa-Fotograf und fotograriert verschiedenste News-Bereiche, wie zum Beispiel Politik und Sport. Christian Ahrens ist Industriefotograf mit den Schwerpunkten Business, Industrie, Technologie und Arbeit………

Source: Profis zur Fuji X-T2: Interview mit Christian Ahrens & Peter Steffen

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