B&W Post Production using Selective Gradient Masks Part 1 |
Joel Tjintjelaar

Finally here’s part 1 of this new series of video tutorial on my B&W post production techniques.
Part 1 is a general introduction to my B&W workflow applied on the easiest type of subjects: seascapes:)
Part 2 will follow within a week and will go into detail how I apply these techniques to architectural subjects. Learn how to create those single spear like single clouds yourself and how to create rich silvery tones.
Part 3 is all about complex Selective Gradient Masking techniques applied to complex subjects like automobiles.
For now, here\s part 1. Unfortunately the sound isn’t too good, I’ll be using a new professional microphone for part 2, just so you know! Note that this part 1 will be available to anyone but part 2 and further will only be available to people who have attended one of my workshops.

See on vimeo.com

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