Bye-bye Canon, hello Fuji (longterm X-T1 & X-system review) |
Mic Cullen

…. The main reason is that I don’t see the general DSLR market being around in the long term. Yes, I know it’s always been there. Yes, I know that millions upon millions of people own them. Yes, I know lenses are forever (despite the fact that I’ve just sold all of mine, But still, I have no faith in the DSLR market. And when you have several lenses worth around the $5K mark (used) each, and bodies that need replacing for several thousand dollars each, it’s a serious consideration/bet that you’re making. (Don’t get me wrong – the DSLR as an entity will be around for a while yet. But the market is shrinking, and that shrinkage is speeding up as the DSLR market becomes more and more specialised (ie will stop buying the consumer and prosumer models). Really, if you’re buying a camera today and have no compelling reason (sports with long lenses, etc.) for a DSLR, you’re just not buying one (if you have a clue)……..