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What’s new on FUJIFILM INSIDER? | Thomas Menk




Zurzeit läuft meine Ausstellung VENETIEN in Limburg an der Lahn. Würde mich sehr freuen wenn Ihr mit Euren Freunden mal vorbeischaut

My exhibition VENETIEN in Limburg Germany from 3.12.16 – 7.1.17. I’m looking forward to your visit and thanks for sharing :-)


How to Take Your Photography to the Next Level | Eric Kim

I feel that it is important to have a sense of gratitude with the work that we’ve done. However if you really want to take your photography to the next level, you need to not be satisfied. Not being satisfied is what helped push the human race forward. If we were all satisfied with horses and carriages, we would never have developed electric cars and rocketships.I often look back at my old work (which I thought was great) — and then I wonder, “What was I thinking?”…..

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There is Never a Perfect Time | Eric Kim

There is never a perfect time for you to take action. There is never a perfect time for you to workout, to photograph, to spend time with your family, to write a blog post, or to read. I feel once we acknowledge this, we would get a lot more meaningful work done in our lives. I’m guilty of this myself— I always try to “optimize” my life to do what is the most “efficient.” I dream of going to bed at 9pm, and waking up at 4:30am to workout. I dream of having the perfect writing day— going to my favorite hipster cafe, having my favorite single-origin espresso, and listening to my favorite music, while writing like a genius. But in reality— there is never an ideal time for anything (if you talk to people who have had children, they would agree)…..

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Can I make a living out of photography: Is it possible? | Faby and Carlo

Can I make a living out of photography? Yesterday I had a call from a person I met years ago who asked me if you can make a living out of photography. From personal experience I said “Yes”; however, this is one of those answers that comes with a required note. Can you make a living out of photography? Yes, but… As a professionally photographer, I have build my business in many years. I have seen people much more talented than me failing and going back to a 9–5 job. I have seen bad photographers making it big. Worst of all, I have seen passionate photographers starting to hate photography. Can someone make a living out of photography? Yes, but it won’t be simple! Brace for impact! Do you know those glamorous lives photographers live? Do you see them depicted in paradise island smiling while chilling out with beautiful models? Well, if you want to know what being a working photographer’s life is, forget everything about that. That is “life at photoshop” and does not reflect the reality of being a professional photographer. Let’s reset your expectations, and not because I want to push you away from being a professional photographer. I do to make sure you know what you buy into…….

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When GAS becomes stupid | Stockografie

I know, I know. In my last blogpost I told you all about my switch from X to F and now this. I am hear to tell you that the X is back. How stupid is that, you will think. And rightly so. After just a few weeks of using the very, very good Olympus Pen-F with the 12mm f/2 and 17mm 1.8 prime lens and the 12-40 2.8 Zoom lens I figured that I was and maybe still am caught in the terrible spiral of GAS. Is the Olympus Pen-F a better camera than my trusty X-T1 was? Am I taking better pictures than before? What about the size and weight? Well, the Olympus Pen-F is a great camera but not really better than the Fujifilm X-T1 is. It is just different. I definitely am not taking better pictures than before. The size of the body itself is about the same as the X-T1. The lenses are smaller. If I look at the size of the 12-40 2.8 in comparison to the XF 16-55 2.8 then size does become noticeable. I know all about the more shallow depth of field and stuff. But an f/2.8 lens no matter how large the sensor behind it is, is always letting in the same amount of light onto the sensor…..

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PhotoPills: The Photographer’s Swiss Army Knife | Francesco Gola

It’s 6pm, it’s cold, and the sun is on its way to set. The tripod is placed, the composition is done – now I just have to wait for the big show that Mother Nature puts on every day to happen again. The sky is threatening, but with a little luck, the sun will pierce the clouds to pass above the lighthouse in front of me. If I think about the first time I went out with the tripod on my shoulder, it makes me smile. I knew more or less where to go, I had no idea of the exact time at which the sun would set, nor where. Failure was inevitable! Years have passed since then, and many things have changed. But the biggest and decisive one is in my hands right now: PhotoPills – photo planning app. ……

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Follow Your Gut in Photography and Life | Eric Kim

I’m sure you had this experience before— you’re in class, taking a multiple-choice test. You think the answer is “C”, and you circle it in. Then a second later, you second-guess yourself, and circle “B”. You get the test back in a few days, and you find out the correct answer was “C”. You kick yourself in the butt, and you swear that you will always go by your gut-intuition next time. In the west, we put too much emphasis on “rationality”, “logic”, and “thinking things through.” While this is a fantastic mode of thinking for mathematics, science, and a lot of the hard-sciences, I don’t think it works as well in arts and humanities. I’ve discovered that for 99% of the things in my life— following my gut has been the best action…….

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How to be a better photographer | Ming Thein

Question, statement or suggestion and directive? Or perhaps all of the above? I believe very few people are truly 100% happy with their work. I know for a fact I’m not, and most people at the top of their game never are: that’s a big part of why they are where they are. The gulf is one of education: when you start out, you might not know what’s wrong – but you know something is missing. When you’ve got experience, you’re searching for that fifth element of serendipity to bring the magic. But what can we actually tangibly do to keep pushing the game along? I’ve come up with ten things both from the world of photography and beyond, some of which I put into practice now, and some of which I’d like to. Read on if you dare……

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Why Good Photographers Take Bad Photos | Lauchlan Toal

Have you ever seen a spectacular image and been flabbergasted when you saw that the photographer was an amateur – and they used their phone? Or looked at the website of a pro only to be disappointed by a slew of boring photos? Maybe you know someone who knows everything about photography has has perfect technique, yet still takes lacklustre images. Counterintuitively, being good at photography does not guarantee good photos. Let’s define photography as the art and craft of image making. Good photography requires a knowledge of both technical and artistic techniques, from the exposure triangle to visual weight. A good photograph, on the other hand, is not dependent on technique. Certainly a well composed and well exposed photo will be better than a poorly crafted one, all else being equal. However, the draw of an image comes primarily from the subject of the photo. A terrible photo of an amazing subject will always be more interesting than an amazing photo of a terrible subject……

Source: Why Good Photographers Take Bad Photos

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