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Fuji X System: Current and future macro solutions | MacFilos

The news that Fuji is bringing out two macro extension tubes for the X-System is both welcome and long overdue. Don’t get me wrong – the growth of the X-System in terms of bodies and lenses has been exponential since the X100 first appeared in February 2001. Who would have thought, when the X100 debuted at Photokina in September 2010, that today we would have sixteen Fujinon lenses plus more on the way, as well as third party offerings to fit on a range of bodies in both rangefinder and SLR form factors. Fuji has not let the grass grow under its feet by any means but it takes time and money to fill out a full system; Nikon wasn’t built in a day, after all…..

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Fuji 10-24 mm f4 lens | Mike Croshaw

I got hold of this lens recently and have been having a play.  I’m not a landscape photographer really but I still wanted this lens for weddings and to dabble a bit with landscape.  I also think its a pretty useful range to carry around with you, despite the relatively large size of the lens.  At the long end its a 36mm equivalent focal length and can be used to shoot people, and at the wide end, it can turn the ordinary into something a bit special because of the crazy wide angle.  Anyway, here are some shots, so far I love the lens and its a keeper for me……

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Fuji 56mm F1.2 Review / Upgrading from the 60mm |
Colin Nicholls

I’ve done it. The age of the 60mm is over, the time of the 56mm has begun. Here is a short review, a few sample images and a bit about why I’ve decided to change from the Fuji 60mm F2.4 to the [non APD] 56mm F1.2. I was in Birmingham recently on a trip to an SWPP mini convention, there I got the chance to have a play with all the latest Fuji gear, one thing I had my eye on was the 56mm, I’ve been reading reviews and comparisons for a while now and felt I really needed a hands on play to make my choice. I love the 60mm lens, its a great performer and you can read my review of the 60mm here, but there was one thing I wanted to be different about it, and it wasn’t the focus [because that’s one of the most complained yet unfounded things about this lens] it was simply; light gathering capability. The F1.2 of the 56mm was calling, and I could feel it while I worked. When shooting a wedding I usually have the 35mm lens around my neck and a bag on my shoulder, usually with a strapless body with the 60mm on it to grab for when I need a bit more reach. However I’ve recently found that this lens gets no use once the sun goes down favouring the much faster 35mm or [now sold] 85mm Samyang 1.4 lens, this left me in one of two places, either having to manually focus or not having enough reach…….

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Fuji XF50-140mm F2.8 R LM OIS WR | Part I | Leigh Miller

I’ve had a sample of the Fujifilm XF 50-140mm F2.8 R LM OIS WR Lens for a few days now but unfortunately our Toronto weather hasn’t been playing ball. Not that I want to be complaining too much though, my cousin in Buffalo tells me that they had to shovel her roof on at least two occasions over the past week.  With this new lens Fuji now has a telephoto zoom to suit the three price ranges, Professional, Enthusiast and Hobbyist. Though those strict distinctions are a bit more blurry these days. My first foray into Fuji zooms came in the form of the Fujinon XF 55-200mm f:3.5-4.8 R LM OIS which I took with me to Belize this past year. With an effective focal range of 82-300mm (in 35mm DSLR terms) it put me right in the outer rim of a very handy wildlife/nature lens. I say outer rim because a true wildlife lens begins somewhere from 300mm into the 600mm range. Wild animals don’t like us very much except the ones that wouldn’t mind adding the occasional human being to their dinner menu…..

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Tick Tack Sharp – FujiFilm XF 50-140mm F2.8 R LM OIS WR –
Reviewed | Sven Schroeter

It’s officially here, and the 70-200mm F2.8 equivalent focal length lens from Fujifilm is ready to rock the boat. All adventure, portrait and sport photographers have been eagerly awaiting this one, and we managed to get our grubby little hands on one early to figure out how it handles. Canon and Nikon have been producing the leading lens designs in this focal length for years and it is probably fair to say that every professional photographer has one of their own. We have never been the biggest fans of the zoom lens and have mostly kept our distance from the current Fujifilm zoom lens lineup. But the versatility of a high performance telephoto option from the underdog was too exciting to overlook and pass up. If first impressions are anything to go by, this lens is stiff competition for any prime lenses which fall in its wake. The first thing you notice when grabbing for the lens is its weight, it is not light by any definition of the word…….

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A Review of the Fuji XF 14mm 2.8 | Jason Row


When moving to the Fuji X series from Nikon, one of my biggest concerns was whether there really was a replacement for my beloved 14-24mm. Whilst not a direct replacement as it is a prime lens, the XF14mm f2.8 has become even more of to go lens than the Nikon. Its compact size, outstanding image quality but most of all that beautiful aperture ring, go towards making this one of the best lenses I have ever owned…..

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A Review of Fuji’s X-trans CMOS II Sensor and X-mount Lenses |
David Kingham

David Kingham is a landscape photographer with years of experience and a known track record of going great lengths to capture spectacular landscapes. He is constantly searching for the ideal camera and lens combo to facilitate longer travel with more energy when he arrives. Find out how Fuji’s new mirror-less line of cameras and interchangeable X-mount lenses tested for his needs. As a landscape photographer that hikes a considerable amount I am always looking for ways to lighten my load on and off the trail. After switching to full frame DSLRs years ago, I had never considered the Fuji system due to the cropped (APS-C) sensor. Despite being convinced I’d never go back to a crop sensors, I couldn’t help my curiosity after hearing so many great reviews coming from Fuji converts. Borrowlenses.com was kind enough to send me the following bodies and lenses to review……

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Fujinon XF 23mm f/1.4R | John Caz

Sharp, sharp, sharp! The XF 23mm f/1.4R on the X-T1 with Face Detection enabled nails focus on my never-standing-still sons eyes every-time. After 11 months I still cant believe the consistency of the nailed results that I’m getting with the this lens even wide open! That about covers it. In full frame terms the XF 23mm Fujinon lens has an angle of view equivalent to a 35mm lens. Even though up until recently I preferred a 28mm angle of view for my street and everyday wide angle stuff, I’m finding that the 35mm equivalent lens from Fujifilm to be so impressive in its overall performance that the extra few mm towards the long end don’t seem to bother me. Since switching over to Fuji, I have used the XF 23mm lens for nearly everything such as reportage, portraits, weddings, street, fashion, concerts, lightning, landscapes, kids and the list goes on…….

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FujiFilm XF23mm 1.4 | Schoolboycouture

I’ve been using FujiFilm X-Series Camera’s ever since I got serious about original content on this site. To me they epitomise what a modern camera should be. A great sensor coupled with a stylish body that stands the test of time. I still use my original X100 alongside the X-Pro1 that I used in this post even after all these years. This is not an extensive review of the the XF23mm f1.4 lens. I am not going to be focussing on the technical details or pixel peeping. There are far too many sites that do that and I find that people are too obsessed spending hours looking at blown up images finding flaws when photography to me is about taking a camera and capturing the world! What I will be focussing on is the usability and shooting experience for someone who just wants to go out there and shoot images and has an X-series camera that has an interchangeable mount and may be considering this lens. The first thing that you notice about this lens is the build quality and the heft. At its current price point it commands a premium compared to the first batch of FujiFilm Lenses but you can see that you are getting a lot for your money. On the APSC sensor of the camera this equates to a standard 35mm field of view which happens to be my favourite. The lens has 11 elements in 8 groups including an aspherical one. 7 rounded diaphragm blades and stops down to f/16 in 3 stop increments…..

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The Fujifilm X-Series Macro Tubes Will Get Your Lens Closer |
Chris Gampat

Fujifilm is announcing brand new Macro extension tubes today. They are called the MCEX-11 and MCEX-16–and both have electronic contacts for auto exposure. Not much information is available, but we know that the Fujifilm X-Series Macro Tubes will cost $99.95 when they launch in December. From the company’s press release, we can tell that the focusing range will be limited. In fact, Fujifilm cites needing to move the camera back and forth. In fact, the Fujifilm system has a Macro mode that lets every lens focus closer than normal. We assume that they will work with all of the company’s lenses as well as those offerings from Zeiss. On top of the lenses, a new software will be coming that will let many of their camera shoot while tethered. It’s called HS-V5 and will let the user adjust the settings either via the camera or the PC if they wish. The software will also allow the user to manage the images–just like many other options available out there. But today, they’re also announcing a new firmware update for the XE-2, XE-1, X Pro 1 and the X30 are all getting new firmware. Those details are after the jump…..

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