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What’s new on FUJIFILM INSIDER? | Thomas Menk


Firmware Update Ver.3.70 for Fuji X-Pro1 | Fujifilm Global


The firmware update Ver.3.70 from Ver.3.61 incorporates the following issues:

  • Specification when the CORRECTED AF FRAME is ON in the Shooting Menu has been changed.
    The CORRECTED AF FRAME in the OVF is fixed on the recommended value described in the Owner’s manual.
    If the minimum focus range of the attached lens is greater than the recommended value, the frame is displayed on the position of the minimum focus range.
    *Upgrade the firmware of the lenses after the firmware of the camera is upgraded.
    Camera Body / Lens Firmware Compatibility Table

Source: Fujifilm Global


A 3-Day Sri Lankan Wedding | Zyreeta & Vinoth | V. Opoku

Three epic days with some of the warmest and most welcoming people that I have met so far. I am going to let the images do all the talking on this one as it is a long post ; full of colour, details, love, tears and joy. Zyreeta, Vinoth and both side of the family, thank you for such an amazing experience, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt so much! Looking forward seeing everyone again for pt 2 in october, not long to go now! Special thanks to Jon for capturing the groom preparations on day 3, its always a pleasure mate……

Source: A 3-Day Sri Lankan Wedding | Zyreeta & Vinoth – V. Opoku

Fuji Instax SP-2 | SaywellHQ

Today I received a copy of the Fuji Instax SP2 printer, I’m a big fan of the SP1 printer and use it at every wedding I shoot at. The SP1 has always been a good little thing, the quality has never been great, but pick the right picture with the right colours and you can get prints that you can happily hand out at a party or wedding.I’ve had to order this from a foreign land as the suppliers in the UK are quoting mid to late September for delivery from Fuji and then on into shops – so this is not a UK purchased printer, I doubt anything will change when it does get released over here, but thought I’d let you know…..

Source: Fuji Instax SP-2 — Saywellhq Photography

Adobe´s got the best RAW converter for Fuji X-Trans now, or what ? Part 1 | Hendrik Hazeu

Recently I got this pop-up on my MAC informing on new Creative Cloud App updates, so I downloaded ´em & was looking at some high contrast images after import using Lightroom´s ACR (Adobe Camera RAW). Here FYI the JPEG SOOC, with totally jacked highlights & shadows. But when opening the RAW´s with ACR – what the … ??? ;-) Hey, could it be that Adobe´s now finally gotten their Fuji X-Trans rendering act together ? Intrigued by this performance I decided to (again … yawn ;-) compare Adobe´s Camera RAW (included in Lightroom & Photoshop CC) with the best external RAW converters out there (Iridient & Photo Ninja) – ya just gotta keep on your toes here ;-) please read on if interested! I´ve been using Photo Mechanic for culling / key-wording & Lightroom for (mobile) image management / processing since way back…….

Source: Adobe´s got the best RAW converter for Fuji X-Trans now, or what ? Part 1 — Hendrik Hazeu

X-Pro2 vs. X-Pro1 | Fuji vs. Fuji

When it comes to competitions, there’s typically not much entertainment in seeing one side totally dominate the other. Because of how long it’s been since the X-Pro1 has been released, or even received a firmware update,1 that’s sort of the situation we’re in with this comparison. We know the end result going into it, but seeing just how much the second iteration of the X-Pro line of bodies has improved over its predecessor should still at least be of some interest. I felt compelled to include this comparison for the posterity of the X-Pro, if nothing else. We’ll kick things of with a Specifications table that should have a lot of green in one side…..

Source: X-Pro2 vs. X-Pro1 — Fuji vs. Fuji

X-Pro1 – Comparing the Fuji Look to the Fuji Look | Adam Bonn

Last time (see part 4 of this series Click Here) I spoke of archiving old images and re-discovering the “X-Pro1 Look”, leading me to decide to re-acquire the camera to use alongside my X-T1. I want to keep that theme going this week! People have so many questions about cameras, about the AF, or the DR, the start up time etcetc. My first question about a camera is; ‘so how do the images look’ I don’t mean at 100% view, I don’t mean after lengthy post process or with filters applied to the files. I simply mean; ‘what’s the look to the files?’ This to me is the big thing. Not that the other stuff isn’t important, of course it is! But to me, the look of the file is the gateway to the feeling of the image, and that can’t be underestimated. (Your opinion may vary!) So, having convinced myself that the X-Pro1 files had a signature that I liked, I wondered about what the actual differences were, and did some research to try and understand more…….

Source: X-Pro1 – Comparing the Fuji Look to the Fuji Look | Adam Bonn Photography

‚Our goal is to satisfy everyone‘: an interview with Fujifilm execs | Barney Britton

Following the launch of the Fujifilm X-T2 last week, we sat down with senior executives from Fujifilm.

  • Yuji Igarashi, general manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division.
  • Takashi Ueno, manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Group Sales and Marketing and Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Divisions.
  • Ryouichi Takamoto, Optical Device & Electronic Imaging Products Division, Sales and Marketing Staff.

We talked about the X-T2, Fujifilm’s plans for lenses, and why the company is putting a lot of energy into video. The following interview is taken from on-record portions of our conversation, and has been edited slightly for flow and clarity. …..

Source: ‚Our goal is to satisfy everyone‘: an interview with Fujifilm execs: Digital Photography Review

Review: Cactus V6 Mark II | Piet Van den Eynde

I am joking obviously, at least with regards to the contents of the image. This is by all accounts a crappy, ill-composed flash-lit picture of a toy bulldozer. Yet, it’s the fact that it was obviously lit by flash that makes this picture so interesting. Because… look at the Exif-info: that 1/8.000th isn’t a typo. No, after 5 years of Fujifilm X-series, it marks the start of a new era where Fujifilm users who like flash photography, will no longer be limited by their Fuji’s sync speed. On an X-Pro 2, that is 1/250th, on an X-T1, it’s 1/180th of a second. From now on, you’ll be able to shoot with flash at up to 1/8.000 of a second. The little wonder of technology that makes this possible is a radio transceiver called the Cactus V6 Mark II. And the opening shot is the first image I shot with it. As I wrote in this review, I was already quite fond of the original Cactus V6 Mark I as a radio trigger for Fujifilm cameras because it lets you control the power of say a Nikon SB900 manually and remotely by connecting it to a V6 switched to Rx (receiver) mode…..

Source: Review: Cactus V6 Mark II | FUJI LOVE

Introducing the “Hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500” for the X Series digital cameras | Fujifilm Global

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that, in September, 2016, it will add the high-end multi-function external flash “Hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500” to the lineup of accessories for the X Series of digital cameras. The EF-X500 is a hot-shoe mount flash with the maximum guide number of approx. 50*. High-speed flash synchronization, FP mode, offers the flash at any shutter speed. This means you can concentrate on shooting even when a faster shutter speed is required, for example, in order to use a near-maximum aperture to produce beautiful bokeh. The EF-X500 also features wireless multi-flash TTL auto function. Setting up multiple flashes and freely controling light on a subject and background offer a creative result. The TTL auto function is available with multi-flash setup as well as single flash, so that you can start shooting without making additional adjustments to light output……

Source: Introducing the “Hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500” for the X Series digital cameras | Fujifilm Global

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