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LR5 Presets by Rebecca Lily | Matt Day

Recently, I decided to leave the DSLR game and start shooting the Fuji X series exclusively for my job. Being a predominantly film shooter, I’m usually not into the color palette that most digital sensors have to offer. Well, the Fuji X-Pro 1 really changed that for me. I love the colors that I get straight out of camera with it, but it’s still a digital sensor. There’s always a small adjustment that can be made. Like I said, I shoot film all of the time. Though it’s mostly black and white film, I still love shooting color film from time to time. Kodak Portra 160 and Fuji 400H are my two favorites. I always try to get that look digitally, but have never had good luck with it until now. A woman by the name of Rebecca Lily has created a set of presets to use in Lightroom, Rebecca’s Pro Set II, specifically designed for the Fuji X users that want to give their images that little touch to emulate the film look. I try to do as little as possible when editing a digital photo and these presets work great for that. I’ve used the VSCO presets before and those are great, but this set is unique and has a LOT more to choose from. I’m particularly a fan of the Pastel choices that it has to offer….

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Hollow Ponds | Sam Burton

The sun was shining so we headed up to Hollow Ponds and took a rowing boat out on the water. It was a lot of fun although I had to do all the rowing. A few shots below all processed with VSCO Film 04….

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Infrared and the X Pro 1 | Mike Adendorff

The unmodified X Pro 1 is sensitive enough to IR for handheld shooting with a 720nm filter, a short lens, a steady hand and cranked up ISOs…

I managed to lose the Exif, but for this one I used a tripod so I am guessing I stopped down a bit. What I don’t like about this photograph is that when you look closely you can see a circular zone of increased brightness. It is noticeable on the trunk. It is a dreaded infrared hotspot. They are very unpredictable – sometimes you get them sometimes you don’t, but I have experienced hotspots with the 18mm, 35mm and 60mm fuji lenses. With the 60mm it is hard not to get a hotspot. I have seen reports of no hotspots on the 35 and only hotspots on the 18 when stopped down. This is not my experience. Hotspots are least common on the 35, but they are still present. Hotspots are common on the 18 even when opened up…

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photo essay of linz höhenrausch with xf27 | glass stories |
Robert Freudenthaler

what a really luck guy I am…

a few days ago I just walked in the local photostore to pick up some equipment for my loewe photobag and while paying couldn’t help asking for a delivering date of the fujinon xf27 – the answer came immediate and really unexpected: “yes, we do have one in stock since yesterday!”  BONG :-)) after testing af speed and minimal focus distance with a few shots inside the store it took me another hour of thinking and googling, but then returned back and bought the lens. why did I hesitate? well, I’ve not been quite sure, if the lens was worth buying or if it’s better to wait for the xf23 prime? on the pro side, since I’m not owning a prime lens near the 35mm ff-format, it definitely does fit well in my existing xf-collection (14, 18-55, 60, 55-200). besides that, I assumed, that I can benefit from the pancake size, offering low weight and a “stealth mode”-design due its smallness, which for sure is also practicable for street-photography. the xf35 prime on the other hand will offer two stops more – from f2.8 down to f1.4 – and will certainly play in it’s own optical class, providing a different – higher level – playground for us photographers. for those now asking: what about the xf35? I can respond, that I personally prefer the 41mm focal length of the xf27 over the 53mm of the xf35, seeing the latter already more at the beginning of tele. the fact that the xf27 will therefore allow me easier picture composition in every day shooting, destroyed my last doubts……

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Gaynes Park Wedding Photography | Dionne & Rowlando | Vincent Opoku

I decided to introduce my travel camera into my wedding kit bag this  season and am loving it! The X100s is a brilliant compliment to my two X-Pro 1s. Things are still in the early stages but it looks so promising.  I am finding that the 35mm focal length is a joy to work with and it compliments the 50mm focal length for a days coverage.
All images in this post are a combination of my x100s and one of my X-Pro 1s with the 35mm 1.4 lens.

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Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 | Lee Reamsnyder

Fujifilm’s designers are in a tight spot: they based their design on the best elements of simple cameras, but no digital camera is simple thanks to the demands of the typical “what-about-my-astrophotography” camera buyer. I do not envy their position. That said, it’s to Fujifilm’s credit that critics are mostly clamoring for a slightly more polished camera instead of kvetching about image quality. I say give them another round to take advantage of better electronics and user feedback. While I may eat these words later, I’m optimistic Fujifilm will deliver. I mean, have you seen the reviews of the X100S? David Hobby called it “damn close” to a perfect camera; Luminous Landscape left little puddles of drool all over their website. More than some other manufacturers, I get the sense that Fujifilm is hungry to do better. Each round of cameras is exponentially better than their last. They’re getting better at high-end digital cameras faster than the competition is getting better at doing, well, anything interesting. So while the X-Pro1 is not quite the simpler digital camera some of us are clamoring for and that will never come – hell, even Leicas do video now – they’ve definitely got my attention.

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Marlon and the Fuji X-Pro1 | Michelle George

As I’m generally using the Fuji X Pro 1 in controlled environments with either models or actors following my direction what better way to test out the Auto Focus speed and accuracy than to test run it with my new kitten Marlon…as you can guess he’s extremely hyperactive and doesn’t take direction too well. I mainly took advantage of the fantastic ISO and set it around 500 to 1250 so I could have a fast shutter speed to capture movement…..

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Mt. Yamnuska and the X-Pro1′s cliff dive | Nathan Elson

I grew up surrounded by the flatness that is the prairies, which although beautiful in their own right, ever since we moved to a city just outside of the Rocky’s I’ve been pining to see the view from atop a mountain. Yesterday my buddy Jeremy and I set out to finally conquer that need and hike up to the summit of Mt. Yamnuska. With my backpack filled with snacks and water, and my beloved X-Pro1 clipped to my chest strap, we set off on our 4.5hr hike. And that was the last photo that my X-Pro1 would take on this trip. Why? Because it took a dive off a cliff. Yep, I realized that from this point on we would be doing a lot of scrambling over rock areas and decided that the X-Pro1 dangling off my chest strap wasn’t going to be a good idea. At that point I un-clipped my chest strap, and well, the camera slipped right through my fingers and landed on a pile of scree right by the cliff edge. For those of you who don’t know what scree is, it’s a whole bunch of small loose rock, a.k.a. slippery and dangerous. So, rather than risk my life to save a camera, I just sat there with what I am sure was a ridiculous look on my face as I watched it slowly start to slide off the side of the mountain. It then fell through the air and bounced off a huge boulder, then continued it’s plunge onto another ledge. Jeremy, being that sweet fella that he is (and much more experienced scrambler) offered to go down and retrieve my beloved camera for me…..

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Fujifilm XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 LM R OIS | Roel

The Fujifilm XF 55-200mm f/3.5~4.8 R LM OIS is a decent performer.  It is sharp, the OIS is effective and it balances nicely on an X-Pro1 body (but not so much on the X-E1).  For stationary subjects, AF is good (but not great), and given the current state of continuous AF on the X-Pro1 and X-E1, I won’t be using it for any of my action work (wildlife and sports). I have been on the fence as to whether I would keep this lens – not because it is bad, in fact, it is quite good.  I initially purchased my X-Pro1 system because of the high quality, fast and small prime lenses – I am not a fan of variable aperture zoom lenses.  But for now, I will keep this lens as it is the only way to go beyond 60mm with the “X” system and still have auto focus – plus optically, it delivers the goods.So for now, I will be holding onto it.  For me, it is a compromise but if you don’t mind variable aperture zooms, then you will probably like this lens a lot…..

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Fujifilm Fujinon XF55-200mm F3.5-4.8

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Hollywood Portraits Remastered ~ With the Fujifilm X-Pro1 |
Damien Lovegrove

Here is the result of my summer project. My quest to revitalise the Hollywood look started exactly 5 years ago today back in 2008 with this very popular Prophotonut post. Now I’m glad to say that everyone is at it and the Hollywood look has finally been reborn. The look needs Fresnel lens lights for authenticity. But wow, what style! Five years ago LED Fresnel spotlights weren’t even dreamed of. Now they have largely replaced the fairly recently developed HMI units from Lupolux and Hedler. LED is the future and it’s here right now. Here are 40 of the many Hollywood portraits from my latest sets complete with their exif data, and lighting notes. Enjoy…

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