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Photoshop CC 2014.2 Update | Richard Curtis

Today Adobe released Photoshop CC 2014.2, this post covers the updates to this amazing release, there will be upcoming posts covering some of the items in much more detail. Creative Cloud Libraries. This new addition to the Creative Cloud will allow you to download graphics from the Adobe Market and have them available to inside both Illustrator and Photoshop. The Libraries panel also allows you to add fonts, graphics, PSD’s, colours etc all within the Photoshop and Illustrators. Any content here will be synced automatically to your Creative Cloud storage area. This feature is a wonderful enhancement if you have ever wanted to have a global set of favourites to your workflow. Of course you can create new libraries at any time to organise your content based on your preference……

Source: blogs.adobe.com

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Macphun Tonality Pro Review | ePhotoZine

Tonality Pro Verdict

There’s no doubt that there is a lot of functionality here for quite a modest stake. The ability to use layers to stack effects and the texture overlays make it possible to get lots of creative effects. Some of the film emulation presets look pretty much like the others, but there are enough presets across the board to give you specific effects that suit everything from portraits to landscapes and HDR projects. It’s also a bonus that a number of effects actually use colour as well as mono. The app is fast at providing previews and has a lot of different looks it can bring to your projects. It’s not as wide ranging as Alien Skin’s Exposure but then it is a great deal cheaper and easily represents the best budget option for those wanting stylish or grungy black and white conversions.

Source: www.ephotozine.com

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Verdict | The People of Tây Bắc Photo Expedition | Tewfic El-Sawy

Having had more than a week to mull over what worked and what didn’t on The People of Tay Bac Photo Expedition-Workshop, I come to the conclusion that it earns a B….not a B+, not a B-…just a plain B. However, the trip’s logistics and accommodations were faultless, and all the credit goes to the travel agent I work with in Hà Nội. They were responsive and on the ball at all times. I think the prevailing extraordinary high humidity levels we faced all through the trip played a significant role in dampening our energy levels (certainly mine were), especially in the streets of Hà Nội. That said, and set aside…here’s what I thought were home runs (or third base hits)…….

Source: thetravelphotographer.blogspot.co.uk

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Italy: A weekend, a wedding and the Fuji X-E2 | Charlene Winfred

At the start of September, I headed to the Puglia region in Italy to shoot Mali and Bram’s wedding. Mali is my niece (although we are the same age; the family tree is complicated), and living continents apart as we do, we don’t get to participate in the big moments in each other’s lives much. So their big day was a special day for me too. The wedding itself was a weekend long affair. The bride and groom had arranged for an small group of their closest friends and family to celebrate their big day, by enjoying a relaxed time together in the idyllic Italian rural setting that is Masseria Montenapoleone. My good old X-Pro 1 was showing signs of imminent failure after the last 2 years of rough handling – files were randomly getting corrupted, and a quick look into this by Fuji’s service department suggested that it could be a sensor issue. Luckily, Fuji Nordic had lent me an X-E2 for the summer, so my gear for this event consisted of……..

Source: charlenewinfred.com

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Fuji and Mr. Action | Igor Motl

Third Kozara MTB marathon took place yesterday organized by Austronet-procycling club from Prijedor who commissioned me to cover it. I was a bit nervous knowing the limitations of my equipment and on edge to borrow some different camera just in case. But… I didn’t. I decided to try out my Fuji and to find out how big are my own limitations. Anybody who ever tried to shoot with Fuji X-Pro 1 had to notice it’s superb quality but in the same time it’s lame AF performance. Fuji did a great thing by upgrading camera firmware constantly but still… X-Pro1 isn’t made for action and sports photography. Or maybe it is…? I’m quite satisfied with the final result. I relied on a well known recipe: scout a few locations few hours before the start, calculate your time well, get out of the way, set some lights, make test shots, PREFOCUS (this was the most important part), and wait……..

Source: igormotl.com

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What’s New in the October 2014 Release of Photoshop CC |
Terry White

In this special episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White shows off the NEW features in the October 2014 release of Photoshop CC…..

Source: www.youtube.com

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X-T1 does weddings | John Caz

…. its been nearly 8 months since I got my hands on the X-T1 and I have used this camera under all possible conditions. I’ve shot weddings, baptisms, concerts, fashion, babies, street, wildlife with a 300mm Nikkor and a Kiwi adapter, lightning strikes under rain and wind, landscapes, long exposures and the list goes on. The Fuji X-T1 for my needs is the perfect tool. It may at times find it hard to grab focus when being pushed to its limits under some extreme lighting conditions such as very low light or bright light directly behind the subject but this is a very rare situation, in the last 8 months i only remember a couple of times when this has happened. Would a DSLR have done better – maybe, but overall, the X-T1’s performance has left me more than satisfied. The future is looking bright for the Fuji X series of cameras.

Source: www.johncaz.net

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The Fuji, The Filters and the Tripod | Dave Kai-Piper

This is a short blog about Lee Filters, 3 Legged Thing and Fuji, and how these companies changed the way I shoot. I run a company called Ideas & Images. We provide both images and ideas to who ever wishes or wants them. Mostly we work within the Fashion world, the slow world of the landscape photographer seemed so far away……. A while ago, I had a lovely e-mail from a lovely company who make Filters. Lee Filters popped down to see me and left me with a set filters specifically designed for CSC cameras.  The Seven5 System filters are smaller than the normal 100mm system. The  Filter Holder is designed for the compact system cameras and can hold the Lee Seven5 75x90mm filters. Lee also have a range of adapters for all the Fuji & Zeiss lenses. (The Zeiss pictured below is 52mm where as the 18 -55 lens is 58mm. Most of the lenses have different filter sizes).  Being a more from the fashion world, I had NEVER used a filter in my life that was a not a screw on style ND, a Polariser or generic camera filter…….

Source: ideasandimages.co.uk

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The Fujifilm XF 18-135 -The Swiss Army knife of lenses? |
Tony Bridge

Just to make things really clear at the beginning, I have never had much time for one-size fits-all Swiss Army lenses. My prejudice came from seeing the results from an early Nikon 18-200 VR whatever. It was a superb lens for portraiture, which gave no risk of ever being sharp or accentuating skin blemishes. It had an (unintentional) soft-focus built in, Any aperture, any focal length. It barked. As did the Tamron I also tried. AND the Canon EOS equivalent, which had more bark than a gang member’s pit-bull. I have stayed away ever since. And there is a reason. I prefer primes and short distance focal length zooms (16-35, 24-70, etc.). My rationale has to do with the number of elements in the lens. Every time light transitions from air to glass or vice-versa, refraction occurs, and a small amount of clarity is lost, due to scattering, Those of you who slept through the optics section of school science and want to catch up can read more here. Every piece of glass is 2 opportunities for loss of quality. A lens with 6 elements has only six transitions; a 21-element lens has 42……..

Source: www.thistonybridge.com

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Fujifilm X-Pro1 | Luke Lee

With so much love, I bought this camera twice. I sold it twice. The first time I sold this camera, I thought I was better than that. Then I realised, I wasn’t. It’s the second time I sold it, I’m in love with someone else now. So, this is to tribute my love towards Fujifilm X-Pro1. The camera is brilliant. It’s quite big for a snap camera, but it’s not as heavy. It’s got great controls, but it’s not really a one-hand controllable camera. It has a great optical viewfinder, but I stopped using it almost straight after I got this camera. It has awesome dial controls, but they’re a little too easy to turn and number of times you have to check if the EV dial hasn’t been moved. Or if you’re using manual shutter speed, you have to check you are still in that same speed……

Source: lukelee.photography

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