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2014 | The Year So Far | V. Opoku

So we are in July, ALREADY! Half of the year is over – “Time is the only currency that you can spend, but never make.” Here is a snapshot of my 2014 so far. Thanks to everyone that has been part of it, let’s see what the rest of the year brings. p.s : I will be catching up on some blogging soon  :)

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Traveling with the Fuji X-System around the world | Laith Al-Majali

The past year has been a record year for me in terms of travel, being a working photographer has its advantages and disadvantages, while most people think that all we do is take pictures, there is a lot of work that takes place prior and after the fact. From getting to the location to shooting pictures to selecting, editing and publishing, all of these take up more time than the actual making of photographs. I have spent enough time in airports and inside airplanes the past year and a half to last me a life time, but still everyday I wake up feeling blessed that I get to do what I  love. I have put my old blog to rest, and for the past couple of days I have worked on changing my mindset of how I will be posting my work online and luckily I figured things out, this new format is the way to go. I now don’t feel the urge to wait till I collect a large number of photos to post to a blog, this new format will allow me to share more of my photographs with the world……

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Fujifilm Gets It and Sony Doesn’t | The Online Photographer

All things considered, is there a more desirable lens line on the planet right now than Fuji XF? In fact, mid-2014 also seems to be smack-dab in the middle of Fujifilm’s moment. It’s just on one great big roll right now. Everything coming up sevens. In just a few years, Fuji has created a coherent, consistent line of all-new lenses that essentially have it all when you consider all the factors that impinge on desirability—size, weight, performance, handling, specs, and consumer cost. Expensive but attainable, fast but not too big, sensational image quality—nothing clearly beats it for general non-specialist photography even now, and users have faith that the vaporware on the lens roadmap will show up when Fuji says it will. The company’s track record has been excellent. All that is priceless…….

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The Wedding of Samantha & Richard Demko,
Chiddingstone Castle, Kent. | Steve Wood

Yesterday I assisted in the coverage of the wedding of Samantha & Richard Demko which was held at Chiddingstone Castle Kent.   From the minute I arrived I knew this was a very very special wedding, no expense spared…the Bridal party were stunning, and Samantha the bride was mind glowingly beautiful.  She had a glow about her that only a woman in love could radiate.  I get to see so many stressed brides, Samantha certainly wan’t one of them – she had everything planned to the tee.   The weather was looking unsettled during the bridal preparations, and it looked to thwart an outside wedding which they had planned….in the end the sun did good and followed was a beautiful ceremony held in the Orangery to the rear of the castle in the quaint gardens. Here are few images I made from the day, as always my X-Pro1 is performing flawlessly- discrete, understated and always a conversation piece. Sam & Rich if you are reading this I mean it when I say “It was pleasure to be part of your big day” – the boys and girls were immaculately turned out and everyone made me feel very welcome to be your photographer….

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Driving around Europe | Karim Haddad

It’s hard to believe that I flew back to Miami from Europe more than two months ago. It was after a relatively short roadtrip that took us to three different countries – Holland, Belgium and Germany. If I didn’t have to wait three days for my luggage to arrive from Libya, we probably would have gotten to France as well. I flew into Amsterdam (via Istanbul) and I had to take a train to Leiden. I was there to visit an old friend of mine who is like a brother. Luckily, it wasn’t too far and well worth the trip. I needed to buy clothes and a toothbrush, but at least I had my camera with me and a few lenses……

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APS-C = a ton of advantages! | Bill Fortney

O.K. for all those folks that are sick of my talking about how happy I am with my Fuji X-System, this isn’t about that, well, maybe a little, but lots of cameras have APS-C size sensors and there are a number of reasons you should consider one!  If only as a back-up body! First, over the past four or five years the push was to go to “Full Frame” sensors, actually all sensors are full frame, (they occupy the entire frame no matter what their size!), what people mean is a sensor that is approx. the size of a 35mm film frame 36X24!  The push was because when they first became available they offered significantly better high ISO, low noise performance!  Not so much today.  The most recent top of APS-C size sensors have really been pushing the 35mm size sensors on noise, dropping the advantage to less than one f stop!!!   The other advantage for the 35mm size sensor was that lenses were their “actual” focal length, meaning super wide lenses, wet actually super wide.  Then the APS-C cameras got super wide lenses and super wide zooms, advantage gone.  The last big advantage was that depth-of-field was more shallow, thus leading to nicer Bokeh.  When the APS-C guys got very fast lenses, the APS-C depth-of-field more closely matched the 35mm sensors……

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GQ Japan with Art Comes First… | Alex Lambrechts

GQ Japan Magazine Shoot, May 2014. All shot on location in London, using natural light and my trusty Fujifilm X100S with wide converter, and XT1 with 14mm Fujinon & 50mm Leica lens. Art comes First shot for GQ Japan by Alex Lambrechts….

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Fuji in Europe – Street photography in Nuremberg | Maciek Sokulski

The streets in Europe are always full of people.  I guess mostly because they are designed for walking, with wide sidewalks, and easy access to shops and restaurants.  Unlike the city of Edmonton for example, and I would imagine most North American cities.  I can walk my neighborhood, and see maybe 1 or 2 people every couple of hours.  It’s silly.  So naturally Europe lends itself to street photography a lot more than North America.  It’s a lot easier to sit down in an outdoor cafe, and just point the camera at something interesting.  This was exactly what happened. Walked around the streets of Nuremberg, doing a bit of last minute shopping, and sat down at the cafe, had some cappuccino, and just pointed the camera.  Simple easy and quite rewarding.  No wonder, that a very cool street photographer Valerie Jardin offers street photography workshops in Europe, among other interesting places…….

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Check out Inspired Eye: Issue 11 – Developing the eyes,
hearts and minds of photographers | MirrorLessons

I was surprised and delighted to see that this issue of Inspired Eye features two photographers with whose work I am already familiar thanks to our social networks: Kevin Mullins, a wedding photographer from the UK, and Thomas Menk, who many of you will recognise as the curator of the informative Fuji X-Pro Scoop page. Both use Fujifilm X series cameras for all their work and are X Photographers. Fans of Kevin’s work will be interested to read how he started out in photography, what his primary influences are, and what his plans are for the future. Near the end of the interview, he makes brief mention of an upcoming project that would involve documenting the hours leading up to and following a cesarean birth, which I found interesting as I only just saw the incredible results of the project this morning. All I can say is that it is definitely worth checking out………

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Abandoned Sarajevo Bobsled Track is Russia’s Olympic Future |
Nate Robert

In 1984, the very first Winter Olympics taking place in a Communist state was held in the unique and remarkable city of Sarajevo – then a thriving metropolis in the now-defunct host nation Yugoslavia, but these days the modern capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2014 – thirty years after the Sarajevo Winter Olympics – the seaside Russian city of Sochi also held the attention of television viewers, in that unique way only a communist nation in a world entranced by western media is capable of doing, as it played host to 22nd Winter Olympiad. Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore, except in the minds of Yugo-stalgic lovers of all things Tito. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a democracy. Russia is hanging on to communism, but the one thing that the cities of Sochi and Sarajevo share, is an abandoned Winter Olympic site. As Sochi begins it’s inevitable decay, perhaps the abandoned Winter Olympic bobsled track, high on Mount Trebević above Sarajevo, will be an eerily accurate bellwether for the future of the area above Sochi’s Imeritinsky Beach………

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