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I Sold My Leica And Got A Fuji X100T For Street Photography | Karl Edwards

Cameras come and go but when I bought a Leica M 240 I finally had a keeper. It was a beautifully crafted instrument with legendary optics that produced stunning images. So when I decided to sell the Leica and buy a Fuji X100T for street photography my friends nearly staged an intervention. But it turns out there were some very good reasons to make the switch. Hit the jump to find out why! I was totally content shooting with my ultra expensive Leica M 240. It was the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design and the 35mm f/2 Summicron lens produced breathtaking results. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed just about everything about the Leica. But when I reviewed the Fuji X100T for the site I realized some very important things about what I need in a camera……….

Source: I Sold My Leica And Got A Fuji X100T For Street Photography

Rinzi Ruiz | X-pert 53mm Interview

Rinzi is the photographer who influenced my cross-over from the Olympus OMD to Fuji-X Series cameras and I am very grateful for all his kind advice and for his work being a source of inspiration too. He is a master of light and his manipulation of it and understanding of it in his street photography should be a point if reference for any photographer wanting to excel in this field. His almost celestial and spiritually reflective approach to his work is very reminiscent of Trent Parke and his black and white photographs from his Dream Life and Beyond series. I am thrilled to have him take the X-pert 53mm interview. Here is Rinzi’s X-pert 53…..

Source: Rinzi Ruiz — 53mm

Street photography with the Fuji X-Pro2 | Grahame Smith

I think I’ve stated enough that I’m a people photographer. That’s why I shoot weddings. I love being around people – well at least when I’m behind a camera. I love to watch people, imagine what they’re up to, what’s going through their heads. I THINK I’m quite good at reading people, and that maybe helps me in my wedding photography? I’ve almost completely lost all interest in landscape photography just now. I find it too static, but in a world overloaded with people & faces, every day offers a remarkable array of photo opportunities. I’m extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living, but I also know that I work VERY hard at it. You have to. To think 6 or 7 years ago when I started shooting a lot again after a few years break, I had said then „I’m not doing weddings again!“ , but then, here I am now, absolutely loving it…….

Source: street photography with the fuji x-pro2

Creating art and documenting life on the fly | Thomas  Moore #TheInspiredEye

Thomas Moore is Chicago-based graphic designer and photographer. His main gig is doing design work for record labels, bands and festivals. He shoots bands when the opportunity presents itself and takes his camera for walks whenever he have free time. What inspired you to become a photographer? I first became interested in taking pictures watching my mom use her Argus Brick. The design of that camera really caught my eye……


Mindfulness Improves Your Craft | Andrew Faulk #X-T1

The sun knocked its way through the curtains and freckled light over our white bedspread. I could tell by the golden hue that it was a spectacular morning. As usual, I had missed sunrise but was still motivated to make the best of my day off, ready for a day out in Tokyo. After adjusting to the light, I quietly wrangled my legs from the tangled sheets and slipped off “my side” of the bed. With coffee mug in hand, I moved into my office. My workstation was impeccably clean with all of my inspiration mindfully placed on the shelves. In contrast, the rest of my space was a catastrophe. A few days worth of consecutive portrait shoots had me spread thin and apparently apathetic about returning my gear to its proper place……


Amsterdam Street Photography | Ian MacDonald #X100T

People are the heart of a city.  All too often when photographers travel they only point their cameras at the cityscapes, at the museums, at the scenic vistas.  I do the same of course, but at the core of my photography is a deep love of shooting on the street.  It provides me with the opportunity to observe life, to meet new people, and to learn about different cultures. During my week in Amsterdam I rose early a couple of times to shoot sunrise images, and stayed out late every night to shoot through the blue hour.  In between though I was always on the streets:  Wandering, observing, interacting, and shooting.  In part one of this series we spoke a lot about the city of Amsterdam, so for this post I’d just like to show you a selection of street images from the week……..


X-Pro 2 Snapshots in Chicago | Noctumn #dpreview

Hey all, I’ve been lurking quite a while and have recently come to the realization that I’ve been so obsessed with gear and have not been out taking pictures much at all. So as I was in the city running some errands, I took some ‚drive-by‘ shots. I wasn’t necessarily there to shoot, but I’d still like some CC on these pictures. I’m ready to learn. I do want to improve my photos. What I’m interested in is how YOU would capture the scenes. All of these are shot on the X-Pro 2 and Zeiss 32mm. Super sharp and good results. All are PP’d jpegs as I don’t have too much time at the moment. Neither do I have a RAW converter for the X-Pro 2. Cropped to 16 x 9 roughly. I am a fan of the ‚panoramic‘ look, especially for cities……..


My Havana Story | Steven S. Miric

I got to know island of Cuba quite a few springs ago. First time I came out of the plane on Cuban soil, what „got“ me was the romantic smell of tropics. Once in the airport building, it  felt like the „film was rewound“ to 1970’s and summers I use to spend at Adriatic coast of former Yugoslavia (my home country): the atmosphere, the scents, just one sandwich in the cafeteria, old lady at the bathroom door charging change for using facilities,… Time machine. After that, I returned numerous times for work or pleasure. I was fortunate enough to travel entire island up and down while shooting documentary project. I spent time with locals, shared their dinners, visited their homes in Matazas, mountains of Sierra Madre. And yes, I even saw the mine field dividing Guantanamo Base from the rest of the land…


Brussels with the Fuji X100T | William Lonsdale

Regular visitors to my blog will be aware this post was on its way (not to mention well overdue), to be honest it had slipped my mind, but recent events in the beautiful city of Brussels gave me a much needed kick in the rear. It follows on from my similarly themed blog posts ‚Staithes with the Fuji X100T‘ and ‚Paris with the Fuji X100T‘. The primary intention is to illustrate you can get great images without a professional body or even a DSLR camera. Brussels is an awesome city with a wealth of attractions to keep you busy, whilst there we visited a lot of attractions, such as ‚The Belgian Chocolate Village‘, just one of the many chocolate tours available (Yes, there were FREE samples). Also, we checked out the Manneken Pis (little peeing man), which was incredibly busy and he really was ‚little‘. Strolling through the streets of Brussels, you can’t help but marvel at the intricate architecture, especially in ‚The Grand Place‘ (the central square of brussels)……..


Street photographer: My first thoughts about the X-Pro2 | Robvisual

This is the first of a series of articles about this new camera. You discover new things every time you go shooting and not on one weekend so there are new things to write about from time to time. It is more a kind of a long term real life review I am doing, because I bought the camera for my personal enjoyment and I am not a (sponsored) reviewer who makes money from creating such content. So there is no marketing buzz behind this article. All photos in this article are in raw format developed in Lightroom. I think that the final results are more important than looking at untouched photographs in comparison. We all know what modern cameras can do, but this series of articles is more focused on the process of taking photos surrounded by the final images. You will agree with me when I say that Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, Leica and all the other major brands are doing excellent cameras. There is no need to talk about sensors and dynamic range for me…..


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