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Mallorca Street Photography with The Fuji X-T1 | York Place Studios

Last week we took a little time out to visit some friends now living in Mallorca and had a fantastic week catching up with old friends and making some new ones. Towards the end of our trip we visited the capital Palma to experience the city and soak in a little more of the culture of the Island and, perhaps inevitably, we couldn’t resist hitting the streets for the day with our trusty Fuji X-T1s. As we roamed this beautiful city and watched the bright morning light gradually fade through to a warm evening dusk this is what we saw…….


La Habana: weekend on Vedado corner… | Steven Miric

Cuba has light. Cuba has shadow. Cuba has decaying colonial grandeur. But what really matters is that Cuba has Cubans. Almost any place in the Caribbean contains the strains of African, Spanish and Anglo tradition that come together on its largest island. But nowhere else do they come together to such effect. Maybe it’s the land—after the Revolution uprooted the capitalists half a century ago, tobacco growers packed up seeds on their way out to plant them in Central America, but it turned out it wasn’t the seeds that made a cigar Cuban. It was the soil of Pinar del Rio, on the island’s western reaches. Apparently there is no place on earth like it…..


72 Hours in Tokyo with Fuji X-T1 and 23mm 1.4 | Jeff Seltzer

Only three days in any major city is not enough – but that’s especially true for Tokyo. This city has always been on my „bucket list“ so I was fortunate that circumstances brought me here, if only for a short time. I limited my gear to my Fuji X-T1 and probably my favorite lens,the excellent Fujifilm XF 23mm f/1.4 R, which is perfect for travel. Tokyo is such an interesting place, it’s almost overwhelming – there was always something interesting to catch my eye. The X-T1, as always, proved to be a worthy camera in some challenging conditions. I will always remember Tokyo as the city I first used my Pano mode! Lol. Here are some of my favorite shots……..


Why Your Photography Will Improve if You Just Use Two Lenses | Andrew S. Gibson

In Mastering Lenses I wrote a piece about the idea of simplicity in lens choice. I asked the question, if you could only own three lenses, which would they be? Of course, you have the freedom to buy as many lenses as you want, but it’s an interesting point to discuss as there are benefits in owning just three. You save money. It’s easy to get caught up in what has become known as gear acquisition syndrome – the desire to buy more gear in the belief that your photography will improve when you do so. Yes, it’s important to have the right tools, but the lenses you own should be determined by your needs rather than your desires. For example, if you take a lot of close-up photos then a macro lens is probably a good investment. But if you only take close-ups every now and then an extension tube or close-up lens is a better choice……..


Fujifilm X100S, street photography, in the most liveable city in the world | Maya Sugiharto

A love story… As 2015 came to an end, sadly, so did PROJECT 23. It took me out onto the streets of Melbourne, with my trusted Fujifilm X100S for 23 weeks, and gave me the opportunity to collaborate with Fujifilm Australia. I was left with mixed emotions. I always feel great after completing a successful creative project – to see the results, the feedback, and the experience itself is an extremely satisfying feeling. However at the same time, I always feel lost and find myself coming up with all these new ideas for new projects so that I can get myself back out there to begin something new. Whether the project is two weeks or six months, I have a longing and excitement when I’m finished to begin what’s next……..


2KFifteen | Markus Fischer

Welcome to my 2K15 in photographs. I find beauty in everyday trifles. Love nature and people. Less is more. Dedicated to my wife and kids. Life is a wonder! A year in 12 photographs taken with a Fuji X100S or T and edited with VSCOcam. All pictures taken by Markus Fischer in Switzerland…….


See Naples and Die | Jorn Straten

My lungs were pumping while I was running through the narrow streets of Naples. A middle aged man dressed in a black hoodie chased me after we had bumped together at a street corner. I had told him I was sorry for that and had continued my walk through Spaccanapoli. But from a distance he had begun shouting at me in an incomprehensible dialect. He had held something I couldn’t recognize up in the air and he had pointed at me with it. People around him had tried to calm him while he was shouting at me. I had begun to walk faster. A peek above my shoulder revealed that he had started to follow me. My walking accelerated to running. He was shouting loudly behind me. Perhaps he didn’t accept my excuse after having bumped together……


Madrid Market | Jim Henderson

The market of San Miguel off the Calle Mayor is a bustling market attracting many tourists but also serving locals alike. The people who earn their living there work very hard and have long hours. At the end of a days work you can easily see the tiredness on their faces. These photographs were shot on a Fuji X 100S or a Fuji XT1 with the 16mm – 55mm lens. Information in exif data for shooting setup for each photograph……..


Rinzi Ruiz: Candid Street Photography in Tokyo | Chris Gampat

If you go through the portfolio of Rinzi Ruiz, you’ll sort through loads of black and white street photographs. But some are in color. He became known for a blog called Street Zen, in which he posts images he makes on the street. But more than that, the dude just does some incredibly solid work. The Phoblographer has had Rinzi on the ISO 400 podcast before, and has been familiar with his work for a while. But what street photographers will really apprecaite is his candidness. “After working at a company for 10 years one big lesson was how to live as a freelancer or I suppose some might call it unemployment.” says Rinzi–which sums up the life of a photographer being self-employed……

More of Rinzi’s work can be found on his website and his Instagram.


My personal 2015 | Stockografie

Wow this year past by fast. I can still remember January of this year awaiting the next spring to arrive and especially the month of May. My wife and I had booked a one week visit to Marrakesh. I was so much looking forward to that. Befor I realized it, it was May and we were heading off to Morocco. After that the year became the most tough one I have ever had. Not photography wise but personally. I had some really heavy hick ups to do with my day to day job. Man that was hard. My wife helped me over the hard times and of course going out and photographing just the odd things helped as well. Anyway, this small post is to give you an overview of what I think are my best photographs which I took in 2015. Interestingly enough most of them have been taken with the Fujifilm X100T. At the end of this post I will give you the chance to vote which shot you think is the best one. So do note hesitate to vote your favorite one……..


Fuji X-T1

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