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Fuji X-T2 Wedding | Michael Gane

Ok ladies and Gents, we all know I love the Fuji camera range, yep some may feel I’m a tad nutty when it comes to my all singing all praise for this fabulous mirrorless range, also some may feel I perhaps get paid by Fuji but alas, no, would be nice, but hey! I make my money as a Wedding Photographer based in Somerset in the UK. and yes it’s a profession I’m very proud of and love. I’ve done the big corporate events over the years and worked on some pretty impressive projects too, Disney is one such company if you want name drops!! its the Wedding industry full time for me now, sorry but corporate wanted me 24/7 and I also want a life, and I’m lovin my profession as never before. So what’s my favourite Fuji camera, well at the moment it’s the Fuji Xpro2, I love this camera, it’s perfect for my style of reportage wedding photography, I can take those reportage moment’s, without impacting on the wedding…..

Source: Fuji X-T2 Wedding — Modern Wedding Photography Somerset, Bath and Bristol

Fujifilm’s portrait primes. A comparison | Victor Hamke

Hi guys. My name is Victor and together with Ronja I’m part of Muse & Mirror, a wedding photography duo. I’m also a Fujifilm X-Photographer for those who care. I’d like to start with saying what this blog post is about:

  •  General thoughts about focal lengths for portraiture
  •  Fujis primes, their real life efficiency and my hands-on experience with them

I won’t bore you with charts and stuff as it doesn’t matter to myself and you can read those reviews elsewhere. I decided to write this article for two reasons. The first one is that I coincidentally have all of Fujis „portrait“ primes at home at the moment. The second reason is that I’ve read tons of stuff about all those focal lengths before buying but never saw them in such a broad comparison, so I thought that this could be helpful for any of you that are a little bit lost on which one to choose. For those of you who don’t know me: I use Fuji for all my work, but I have two dominant sections which are wedding photography (+ portraits) and Fine Art Composings. So I think my review suits people photographers the best – at least this is what I will focus on……

Source: Elegante Hochzeitsfotografie aus Leipzig von Muse & Mirror / Fujifilm’s portrait primes. A comparison.

Fuji XT2 – the perfect wedding camera? | Rob Sanderson

I’m not much of a gear head, but when I was given the opportunity to try out a pre-production XT2 I couldn’t resist. I’ve shot this entire wedding season on the fantastic XPro2’s, the image quality and high ISO performance of the latest X-trans sensor is phenomenal. The focusing system of the XPro2 was also a huge leap forward from the XT1 so I had high expectations of the XT2 and it didn’t disappoint. Essentially the sensor in the new XT2 is the same as those found in the XPro2. With this in mind, I’m not going to go over old ground beyond saying the files from the 24mp sensor are simply beautiful. The colours have an organic feel to them with skin tones that look believable straight out of the box. The dynamic range is fantastic and allows me to produce files with lots of detail from the deepest shade right through to the brightest highlights with low noise even when using high ISO. Of course, you can personalise the cameras output in camera and shoot jpg or (as I prefer) within your chosen image editing software and shoot RAW…..

Source: Fuji XT2 – the perfect wedding camera? — Fujiholics

A 3-Day Sri Lankan Wedding | Zyreeta & Vinoth | V. Opoku

Three epic days with some of the warmest and most welcoming people that I have met so far. I am going to let the images do all the talking on this one as it is a long post ; full of colour, details, love, tears and joy. Zyreeta, Vinoth and both side of the family, thank you for such an amazing experience, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt so much! Looking forward seeing everyone again for pt 2 in october, not long to go now! Special thanks to Jon for capturing the groom preparations on day 3, its always a pleasure mate……

Source: A 3-Day Sri Lankan Wedding | Zyreeta & Vinoth – V. Opoku

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review… The Fuji Awakens | James Brokensha

So where do we begin? The Fuji XPro 1 was the camera that started it all for the Fuji X system. Granted the original X100 was the first in line, but it was the XPro 1 that was first to feature the exceptional X-Trans sensor along with the first batch of Fujinon lenses we’ve come to love. It was launched in early 2012 along with a trio of primes and then at a staggering rate Fuji introduced new X series cameras and lenses. Any replacement for the XPro1 will have huge shoes to fill, it’s not all about specs, speed and wifi (although very nice) it’s about how the camera makes you feel. That’s what the Fuji X Series is really about. Until the XPro2 arrived my main body has been the XT1. It was a great camera (and still is). But it wasn’t my favourite. That place was reserved for the XPro1 with all it’s faults, funny noises and quirks. I just enjoyed the form factor and the smug satisfaction that it was a bit niche and not for everyone. What I really wanted was an XT1 inside a XPro body. Thats what Fujifilm have just given us….and a whole lot more…..

Source: Fujifilm XPro2 Review…The Fuji Awakens — JAMES BROKENSHA Photography: Devon Wedding Photography

Fuji Xpro2 – four month’s on | Michael Gane

Four months on and 12 wedding’s now covered using the Fuji Xpro2, many of my reader’s have read my reviews about my experiences using this mirrorless camera and checked out the images I have posted, well I thought I would provide an update and a few more photos from a recent wedding taken just outside the City of Bath. I’ll do my best to provide as many hands on details as possible however as usual please don’t expect a comprehensive article, this blog will run through the positive and yes some of the more frustrating challenges I have experienced whist using and loving the Xpro2 camera…….

Source: Fuji Xpro2 – four month’s on — Stunning Wedding Photography Somerset, Bath and Bristol

Christie & Derrick | Riley Joseph

I do not advertise myself as a ‘wedding photographer’. In fact, I only refer to myself as a photographer (& gentleman) because I do not want to constrict what I do. A few months before, I received an unexpected call from one of my oldest friends, Derrick. He was tying the knot and due to unforeseen circumstances he and his fiancée, Christie, were without a photographer only a few months before their wedding. In the past I have turned down weddings. But for this wedding the math was just right……

Source: Christie & Derrick by Riley Joseph

Wedding Photography Bath – Fuji Xpro2 | Michael Gane

Well, I’m really loving the Fuji Xpro2, its been several weeks now using this fabulous camera, its another fuji camera in the X range, as many of you may already know I have been a Fuji wedding Photographer for about 3 years now and I’m a reel fan of these mirrorless cameras. This Gallery is a few images that I photographed at a wedding in Bath a couple of weeks ago, as usual, rather than produce a detailed Blog about the settings I use and information with regards to the technical details (Plenty on line if you need to read this) I like to show the images from the camera. We were very lucky with the days weather, the lighting was just wonderful, I was shooting in Full manual as this is how I like to photograph wedding’s, the camera is fast, light and the detail is stunning, hope you enjoy…….

Source: Wedding Photography Bath – Fuji Xpro2 — Stunning Wedding Photography Somerset, Bath and Bristol

Wedding Photography Fuji Xpro2 | Michael Gane

After over 20 years documenting wedding’s its quite natural to understand the process, although you would think that each wedding is the same, believe it or not; I still get butterflies the week before, its a good thing (I keep telling myself) because just as an actor gets nervous before going on stage, it ensures that I never take this responsibility lightly, after all its my clients special day and I have to be, want to be on the ball! If you have read my other blogs with regards to my personal experiences using the Xpro2, you would know that I’m a full time wedding (Professional) photographer, I use the term professional in the correct sense as its my only profession, unfortunately these days the term is used very lightly however I personally feel that photography is an ongoing journey always learning and finding new and interesting ways to capture light……..


Mad about Fuji Cameras | Michael Gane

I was taught the basics of photography by my wonderful Uncle who had a successful photography business in the City of London in the 70s; he was very well respected within the photography community and made his name for his Architectural photography, he had this amazing eye for capturing buildings and interiors, he always spoke about converging lines that drew the viewer into the image. He was a true master and taught me to take a moment and step back and really look at the scene in front on the lens. Another important lesson he taught me was, if I see something that catches my photography eye, just before firing the shutter let those emotions register as he believed (as do I) that those feelings and emotions transfer onto the censor! When I visited him in the big city, we would spend long hours photographing the cityscapes but also walk through the busy London streets photographing the people, capturing the lives of strangers on film, bringing those moment’s to life on film, yes film! ……


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