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When War Is Just Another Day in Afghanistan | Andrew Quilty | TIME

With at least 20% of Afghanistan still in the hands of a resurgent Taliban, the longest war in American history is far from over. Last week, President Barack Obama announced he would prolong the nation’s presence into the country well into 2017 with 8,400 troops expected to remain by the time he leaves office.The news didn’t make front pages, but for Andrew Quilty, who’s been photographing the conflict from Kabul for the past three years, the world’s attention is essential. “Despite arguably good intentions, the 14-year international intervention in Afghanistan has been largely disastrous for all involved,” he tells TIME. “The international community shouldn’t be allowed to just walk away and forget Afghanistan” ……

Source: When War Is Just Another Day in Afghanistan | TIME

Fujifilm X-Pro2 – My 6 month field review | Eivind Rohne

Let me be honest. I’m not a rangefinder guy. I grew up shooting medium format and SLRs, both film and digital. I’ve barely used a Leica, and only held a Fujifilm X-Pro1 in my hands once without even taking a picture with it. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts with you on the Fujifilm X-Pro2! Don’t you agree…?! Well come on in and read more about it.  By the way, if you would like to see even more images shot with the X-pro2 and other cameras, plus some behind the scenes stuff from different photoshoots, feel free to follow me on Instagram. Most of the X-Pro2 reviews I’ve read, have been written by great street photographers and photo journalists, and I don’t shoot any of those genres professionally. I’m actually pretty sure even Fujifilm doesn’t see me as an X-Pro2 user. Now some of you will probably start to freak out and scream “My god, he hasn’t used the X-Pro1. He’s not even a street photographer or photo journalist, and now he’s got opinions on the X-Pro2! Booh! Burn him! Crucify him!” So, can a non-rangefinder guy appreciate the X-Pro2…?! Well keep on reading…….

Source: Fujifilm X-Pro2 – My 6 month field review | Photographer Eivind Rohne

Final thoughts (Full Frame vs APS-C) | Adrian Evans

Lessons I learnt:

  1. The Xpro2 is just as good if not better with colour and realistic colour to the 1DsIII.  It’s better than the 1Dx when it comes to colour.
  2. There is some DOF difference (more background blur on FF). But in real shooting it isn’t really noticeable.
  3. The 1DsIII has an amazing sensor when exposed right, but it can’t recover blacks worth a damn.
  4. Xpro2 at low ISO isn’t as good as the 1DsIII at low ISO, but it beats most modern crops and some modern Full Frame cameras.
  5. The Fuji 23mm 1.4 is slightly soft from f/1.4-2, sharp from f/2-4, VERY sharp from f/4-8 and f/8-11 starts to get softer due to diffraction.
  6. The Sigma 35 1.4 Art is an amazingly sharp lens, even wide open.
  7. For most purposes (baring shooting at base ISO) the Fuji Xpro2 sensor is as good as any full frame, lacking only resolution (over the large MP cameras some camera makers offer) and minor DOF differences.
  8. I will keep my 1DsIII for base ISO shooting (it’s cleaner)……

Source: Final thoughts (Full Frame vs APS-C) – Adrian Evans Photography

From Fuji X to the Olympus Pen-F | Stockografie

Since 2011 I have been using Fujifilm X cameras exclusively. Starting with the first and original Fuji X100, the X-Pro1 with the XF 35 1.4 to the X-E1 and the X-T1, X-Pro2 both with the awesome XF 16-55 2.8I think I have used nearly every native Fujinon X lens, all three Zeiss Touit lenses and some Samyang lenses on the Fuji body´s you can think of. Except for the telephoto lenses! This is due to the fact that I am no telephoto guy. The last camera I had and used was the X-Pro2 with the XF 16-55 2.8 which delivers some stunning files to the SD card. Why then, you might ask yourself, why did I switch from the awesome X-Pro2 to the Olympus mFT gear?The answer is simple. Size!After using the X-T1 with the XF 16-55 2.8 in Myanmar and the X-Pro2 with the XF 16-55 2.8 in Ireland I realized that even the quite small X gear is still too large for me. In Myanmar I also had the Sony RX100M3 with me and figured that I had been using it more than I thought. It was actually only meant as a backup camera in case something went wrong with the Fuji gear. You can read more about my experience here…..

Source: From Fuji X to the Olympus Pen-F – STOCKOGRAFIE

Capim Amarelo – Serra Fina – Brazil | Nilton Junior

After a full week of work nothing better than a good weekend in the mountains to chill out and recovery. Some time ago we went to Capim Amarelo peak, 2500m, in Serra Fina, one of the most famous mountains chain in Brazil. That time some trail spots grab my attention for its true beauty form but unfortunately our goal were to reach the summit and we were hiking at mid day harsh sun and wait until golden hour was impossible. So I knew I had to came back and explore this scene better. So one Friday night my wife and I took our camp and camera gears and our dog, Leica, and hit the road. This are the results…..

Source: Capim Amarelo – Serra Fina – Brazil | Nilton junior

5 Giorni alle Cinque Terre | Matteo Vannini

Siamo tornati a Bologna un po’ abbronzati e con 1600 fotografie. Il viaggio è stato davvero comodo ed economico. Dato che non ci sono treni veloci che collegano Bologna a La Spezia, abbiamo preso due regionali che sono arrivati in perfetto orario. Come avevo anticipato nel precedente articolo il miglior modo per spostarsi è proprio in treno che da una Terra all’altra impiega circa 5 minuti, mentre in auto (risalendo la montagna per poi discendere) ci vuole più o meno mezz’ora. Le Cinque Terre sono un luogo unico al Mondo che sicuramente merita di essere visitato. E’ un paradiso per fotografi di viaggio tanto che ho potuto arricchire il mio portfolio con scatti nuovi davvero interessanti. La cosa che mi ha colpito di più è il fatto che si prestino ad ogni tipo vacanza: da quella più lussuosa e tranquilla a quella più all’avventura, a contatto con la natura. Ogni Terra ha una particolarità che sicuramente la farà preferire ad un viaggiatore piuttosto che un altro…….

Source: 5 Giorni alle Cinque Terre | Matteo Vannini

Fuji X: Snapshooter, pro pretender or photographic panacea | Bill Palmer

Our friends at DP Review have published an illuminating report of an interview with Yuji Igarashi, general manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division, Takashi Ueno, manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Group Sales and Marketing and Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Divisions and Ryouichi Takamoto, Optical Device & Electronic Imaging Products Division, Sales and Marketing Staff. The full article by Barney Britton can be found here and I would encourage you to read it.There seems to be a bit of internet angst over some of what is reported as having been said, with three things in particular attracting comment, both pro and anti: „The X-Pro series are special cameras for snapshooting, reportage and so on. But the X-T2 is a multipurpose camera, so we’re trying to sell the X-T2 to DSLR users, compact camera users—all photo enthusiasts and professional photographers…..

Source: Fuji X: Snapshooter, pro pretender or photographic panacea — macfilos

World Bodypainting Festival 2016 | Peter Ziegler

Da ich von 2015 keine Bodypainting Bilder auf dieser Website gezeigt habe, und ich dieses Jahr vor Ort darauf angesprochen wurde, gibt es jetzt wieder einmal Bilder vom farbigsten Event überhaupt!Man kann ja darüber streiten, ob es überhaupt noch Sinn macht, das Festival zu besuchen. Viele sind der Meinung, dass ohnehin nur der fotografische Zufall regiert, weil für Bildgestaltung im Grunde keine Zeit bleibt. Wir Fotografen sind ja schon froh, wenn der Veranstalter, bzw. der fotografische Leiter, interessante farbige Hintergründe zur Verfügung stellt.Dieses Jahr war dies der Fall – zumindest für mein Geschmack. Den schwarzen Hintergrund mag ich mittlerweile nicht mehr. Natürlich ist hier der Kontrast zum bunt gepainteten Model super – schön einfach zum Freistellen. Wer bei schwarzem Hintergrund nicht freistellt, riskiert, dass das Motiv ohne „Erdung“, einfach so im Raum schwebt. Das kann natürlich auch gut aussehen – abhängig von Motiv/Painting…..

Source: World Bodypainting Festival 2016 – Peter Ziegler Fotografie

Fujifilm X-Pro2 versus X-T2: Seven key differences | Barney Britton

In the X-T2 and X-Pro2, Fujifilm offers two flagship cameras that have a lot in common, but are designed for slightly different purposes. So which one should you buy? We’ve broken down the key differences. Let’s get probably the biggest differentiator out of the way right up front – the X-T2 offers 4K video, while the X-Pro2 makes do with standard HD. The addition of 4K to the X-T2 surprised us a little when we first saw it on the spec sheet, but it’s clear that Fujifilm sees this feature as an important ‚must have‘ in a camera as versatile as the X-T2. The X-T2 can record video in clips up to 10min duration, or 30min when the optional power booster grip is attached. The X-Pro2, on the other hand, is meant for a different kind of photographer – one who is more stills-oriented, and more likely to shoot with prime lenses than zooms. The addition of 4K to the X-Pro2 would have certainly increased its cost – and the engineers tell us that it would also have increased its size and weight as a consequence of the necessity for a beefed-up heat sink. So if you need 4K, the X-T2 is the camera for you….

Source: Fujifilm X-Pro2 versus X-T2: Seven key differences: Digital Photography Review

Lost in Marrakech | Joseph Padiernos

During Memorial day weekend, a US national holiday, I had a few days off by surprise(believe me, Nurse’s schedule are weird,) excited, because it was an opportunity to travel solo. First option was to hike in Banff, Canada, but found out that the weather during my travel dates wont be ideal for hiking. So I opened Google flights and checked the world map on where I could go. With very few options to travel abroad, because I’m holding a Filipino passport, it was tough. Found out, Morocco was one of the places I could go without a visa. TL;DR I booked a flight to Marrakech, that will leave 72hrs after(yeah, I’m all about that spontaneous life…….

Source: Lost in Marrakech Pt. 1

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