X-Pro2 and One Lens- Rangefinder, 23mm, and The County Fair | Joel Wolfson

I’ve covered a lot of ground in my posts about the X-Pro2 body in various situations. In this post, I’m concentrating on one lens- the Fujinon XF 23mm f1.4. I offer the pros and cons working with this lens which is a focal length (35mm full frame equivalent) often considered the ideal one for all-around versatility. You see this focal length on many higher end fixed lens cameras such as those from Fuji, Sony, and Leica. I must admit that for the whole time I was shooting at the fair I didn’t feel like I wanted another lens, with the exception of a few shots at the very end when I did the series of face painting. I think much of this is due to both the simplicity and freedom of using a rangefinder and not having to think about changing lenses. I think I would have felt similarly with my XF 35mm f2.0. However, once I use a focal length much longer than 35mm (FF equivalent = 50mm) I limit the situations where I can get away with only one lens and conversely going too wide limits potential for portraits and candids of people. With the exception of one shot, every shot in this post and almost everything I shot at the fair, I used rangefinder viewing on my X-Pro2……

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The X-Pro2: Image Quality | Adam Bonn

Last time out (click here) I talked about why I chose the X-Pro2. Sure GAS… blah blah, but in real terms; more ISO, more shutter speed, better manual focus aids and a clever hybrid view finder greatly aid the way I use the X-Pro series cameras. I very much enjoyed the X-Pro1 image quality, in fact I’ve written about it many times! You can read some of my thoughts on the X-Pro1 IQ here and here. Although the X-Trans II sensor cameras produced technically superior images (cleaner, better Dynamic Range (DR), 14 bit RAW) I preferred the original X-Trans I look. So to say that I was concerned about the IQ of the (X-Trans III) X-Pro2 files was an understatement……

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XPro-2 Field Report No. 2 | Black & White Project

Sorry for the delay with the next installment of the XPro-2 field reports. Last time I was gushing about all of the feel of the camera and the smoooooth sounds it makes when you fire the shutter, and all sorts of unspecific things. You know that happens when you get a new bit of kit that you bond with instantly. This time around it will be a little bit of the same with hopefully a few specifics mixed in for those about to flip the coin and decide on an XT-2 or maybe possibly the old hat XPro-2…..

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Photographing with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 | Todd Vorenkamp

Note to fashion photographers everywhere: Pigeons make horrible models. Even with the snappy new Fujifilm X-Pro2 digital camera, I was constantly frustrated by the inability for even the most lethargic pigeon to hold his or her pose for more than a fraction of a second. I chose to test the new Fujifilm X-Pro2 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, shooting Duke Riley’s latest (and largest) art installation, Fly By Night. Riley, a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist and pigeon fancier, has worked extensively with pigeons before—even training a squadron of 50 homing pigeons to fly from Key West, Florida, to Cuba to retrieve some cigars—and he has been raising them since he was a boy after rescuing one while he was a child, living in Boston…….

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Testbericht: Fuji XPro-2 | Patrick Pfaff

Wieder einmal ging es für mich und meine Freundin raus aus der tristen Großstadt, weg von Lärm, Dreck und Gestank. Unser Herz schrie nach den Bergen und somit packten wir unsere sieben Sachen zusammen und machten uns auf den Weg Richtung Schweiz, die man schon fast unser zweites zu Hause nennen kann. Mit an Bord war ein neuer Begleiter, die Fuji XPro-2 mit dem 18 mm f/2 und dem 35 mm f/2 , was man natürlich umrechnen muss, da es eine APS-C-Systemkamera ist. Auch bekam ich von Fuji als Support das XF 100–400 mm f/4.5–5.6 zugeschickt, was mit seinen fast 2 kg nicht gerade leicht ist. Stets nutzte ich Kameras der Marke Canon und Objektive der hochgelobten SIGMA-Art-Reihe, doch diese waren auf Dauer einfach zu unhandliche Begleiter und nahmen viel zu viel Platz im Gepäck ein, also musste etwas Neues her…..

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Review – Fujifilm X-Pro2 | Scott Graham

The X-Pro2 is the first X series camera to feature Fujifilm’s new 24.3 megapixel X Trans sensor. That’s a decent jump from the 16.1 megapixels of previous X series bodies. Coming 4 years after the original and revolutionary X-Pro1, the X-Pro2 is every bit the flagship camera Fuji X shooters have been waiting for. Fujifilm let me borrow an X-Pro2 and the super telephoto XF100-400mm lens to review on a mid summer 3500km road trip through British Colombia and Alberta. I brought along a few other Fujifilm lenses as well as a Rokinon X mount 8mm fisheye to see what the X-Pro2 could do in various situations. This camera is gorgeous. It has a classic rangefinder look reminiscent of 1960’s Leica’s. As with all other X Series cameras that beauty is more than skin deep. The X Trans sensor is superb, offering outstanding detail and rich colours. The increased resolution gives you the ability to crop a bit more than you could with the old sensor. Low light performance is good up to ISO 6400 and very usable up to ISO 12800. The mechanical shutter is good for 1/8000th of a second, up from 1/4000th on the X-T1/X-T10. The electronic shutter remains unchanged at a top speed of 1/32000th. It’s great for stealthy street shooting…..

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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review… The Fuji Awakens | James Brokensha

So where do we begin? The Fuji XPro 1 was the camera that started it all for the Fuji X system. Granted the original X100 was the first in line, but it was the XPro 1 that was first to feature the exceptional X-Trans sensor along with the first batch of Fujinon lenses we’ve come to love. It was launched in early 2012 along with a trio of primes and then at a staggering rate Fuji introduced new X series cameras and lenses. Any replacement for the XPro1 will have huge shoes to fill, it’s not all about specs, speed and wifi (although very nice) it’s about how the camera makes you feel. That’s what the Fuji X Series is really about. Until the XPro2 arrived my main body has been the XT1. It was a great camera (and still is). But it wasn’t my favourite. That place was reserved for the XPro1 with all it’s faults, funny noises and quirks. I just enjoyed the form factor and the smug satisfaction that it was a bit niche and not for everyone. What I really wanted was an XT1 inside a XPro body. Thats what Fujifilm have just given us….and a whole lot more…..

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My thoughts on the Fujifilm X-Pro2 | Photo Madd

I’m just going to note down my thoughts good and bad about the X-Pro2 rather than write a full review on it. There are loads of reviews out there already, and I don’t think we need another. Let’s get to it then!I saved my money for an X-Pro2. I waited and waited and waited, Fujifilm promised something amazing, they told us it was delayed because they only wanted to release it when they had something special, something different to show us. I respect that a lot, unlike Sony, Olympus who release a new camera every 9 months to boost sales, Fujifilm make us wait, they keep our old cameras alive with occasional firmware updates and sometimes huge boosts to the camera performance with a major update…..

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X-Pro2 vs. X-Pro1 | Fuji vs. Fuji

When it comes to competitions, there’s typically not much entertainment in seeing one side totally dominate the other. Because of how long it’s been since the X-Pro1 has been released, or even received a firmware update,1 that’s sort of the situation we’re in with this comparison. We know the end result going into it, but seeing just how much the second iteration of the X-Pro line of bodies has improved over its predecessor should still at least be of some interest. I felt compelled to include this comparison for the posterity of the X-Pro, if nothing else. We’ll kick things of with a Specifications table that should have a lot of green in one side…..

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The story how I got married with Fujifilm X-Pro 2 | Timo Soasepp

The writer (call him Timppa), is a passionate shooter who works as a documentary wedding photographer. I want my work to feel like a hobby. I don’t take it too seriously and it doesn’t exhaust me completely. The next text is to you. To photography lover who desires creating and catching memories on to film. Is there a beer or a halfway gone bottle of wine left from the weekend in your fridge. Take it with you and let the story take you with it. The following photos are taken with Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and the product photos with Fujifilm X-T1. t was the December 21st when i saw her (you read right, her) the first time. The dark and depressing weather had been over Helsinki for weeks. On that very day there was a moment that gave it a little light. I’m having lunch with couple of my friends in the corner table and i had just had the first bite of my appetizer when i got the first look of her. My heart started pumping more and more the longer i looked at her. An hour passed in seconds and then she was gone. I was left only with a memory of how beautiful species we were talking about. Everything seemed right and wait of many years was over. This will be the camera that turns a next page in my photographing history – reign of Nikon was over……..

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