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Why I sold all my Fujifilm kit… | Cameron Mead

After 2.5 years or so shooting with various lenses and my amazing Fujifilm XE2, I decided that I had had enough. Too many lenses and options including bigger lenses (xf23 1.4). My favorite lens has been the 27mm for the reason that it made photography fun and have captured some of my favorite photos ever with it since I would often have it with me. I also have a 70d kit with a few zoom lenses to take out when I really want to cover an event, usually motorsport or surf etc, so really I felt I didn’t really need two full systems with lens options for each. The simple one lens option makes you think less about options and just more about the shot, its light and a joy to use and shoot with. BUT I found that with the Fujifilm I was always constantly unsure which lens to take as they are all so good……..

Source: Why I sold all my Fujifilm kit… – OnCam Photography

Adobe´s got the best RAW converter for Fuji X-Trans now, or what ? Part 1 | Hendrik Hazeu

Recently I got this pop-up on my MAC informing on new Creative Cloud App updates, so I downloaded ´em & was looking at some high contrast images after import using Lightroom´s ACR (Adobe Camera RAW). Here FYI the JPEG SOOC, with totally jacked highlights & shadows. But when opening the RAW´s with ACR – what the … ??? ;-) Hey, could it be that Adobe´s now finally gotten their Fuji X-Trans rendering act together ? Intrigued by this performance I decided to (again … yawn ;-) compare Adobe´s Camera RAW (included in Lightroom & Photoshop CC) with the best external RAW converters out there (Iridient & Photo Ninja) – ya just gotta keep on your toes here ;-) please read on if interested! I´ve been using Photo Mechanic for culling / key-wording & Lightroom for (mobile) image management / processing since way back…….

Source: Adobe´s got the best RAW converter for Fuji X-Trans now, or what ? Part 1 — Hendrik Hazeu

Fujifilm X100T Revisited | Keenan Hastings

Leaving Fujifilm was bittersweet. The aesthetic of the cameras were awesome, but if I had to be 100% honest I wasn’t in love with the specs on paper. The brand itself reminded me of Apple, the technology seemed a year behind, but everything worked so well. Fujifilm made me forget about megapixels and full-framed sensor’s, but it was one thing the cameras lacked at and it was fast auto-focus.This problem seemed consistent with every body that I tried, including the X-E1, X-E2, X-Pro 1, X-T1 and even the XQ2… I loved them all, but again it was the auto-focus that really turned me off. However, there is one camera that I remember loving and that was the X100T. My time with this camera was brief and by brief, I mean less than 60 days. It was a beauty, it gave me confidence, it received compliments and I felt like a real photographer…Except I was an inexperienced one. When I had the X100T I was fairly new to photography. I was just know figuring out what RAW was, I didn’t understand why my subjects were blurry when I used the electronic shutter… I didn’t know what an electronic shutter was. I had no real reason to be sharing my opinions on this camera as I wasn’t 100% aware of its capabilities……

Source: Fujifillm X100T Revisited — KeenanRIVALS

Fuji X100T: What’s the future now for the X100 series? | Bill Palmer

As I walked past my camera shelf yesterday I heard what I can only describe as a soft whimpering. I searched for the source and realised it was coming from my Fuji X100T. I lifted it up to face me and looked quizzically into its little viewfinder window. I could swear I saw a tear there. „What ails you, little camera?”, I asked. After a moment of sullen silence it replied in a small voice: „I feel unloved“ it said. „Mr. Fuji is bringing out new cameras and lenses that make me feel insecure.“ „Such as?“ „First there was the X70. It’s like me after a crash diet.  It fits in a pocket—a pocket!  It has a tilty touchscreen too…….

Source: Fuji X100T: What’s the future now for the X100 series? — macfilos

Camera Therapy: Back To Fujifilm? | Keenan Hastings

Took my talents to Cleveland to shoot some street and decided to ditch my Sony a6000 for the Fujifilm X100T. Shooting with Fujifilm again felt so weird, the button layout on the camera was legit foreign to me. The X100T’s lack of grip caused me to hit several of the menu buttons on mistake… Shooting with the camera and it’s shutter lag was extremely frustrating, but despite all of its flaws it didn’t take long to feel like home again. Here were some of the images I captured during our quick 5-hour visit. Let me know what you… Should I go back?…….

Source: Camera Therapy: Back To Fujifilm?

Ready to go guide for Street Photography with Fujifilm X100 X100S X100T | Alex Coghe

When it comes to Street Photography there are not universal recipes, but I prepared this quick guide for those using Fujifilm X100 (S, T) cameras.MF or AF?As a street photographer I don’t have much confidence with AF, no matter how much promises to be fast. I dig manual focus mode. With Fujifilm X100 cameras, you need to reprogram the AE/AF Lock button to work as AF only: this is a great feature to consider. I point at my feet and push the AF lock button and this works most of the time, but sometimes you can also point to focus at a tree to the distance you would your subjects in focus in order to fit better your needs and your approach in the street. Refocusin is a way to go with the AF button: when you think that your subject won’t get covered from the DOF (depth of field) of your current setting, you need to refocus your Fuji. M, A, S or P?I know many street photographers use A, and if it works for you go with this. For Street Photography we need to take in account we are making photos with moving subjects most of the time and a correct exposure is the priority: I prefer S and M.ISOI currently dig the AUTO ISO with my Fujifilm X100S. I usually stay between 400 and 1600. Remember to set the minimum shutter speed to 1/125 sec. in order to have sharp pictures…….

Source: Ready to go guide for Street Photography with Fujifilm X100 X100S X100T | Alex Coghe Editor and Photojournalist

Instax Share SP-2: first impressions | FUJI LOVE

When Fujifilm announced the Instax Share SP-1 printer I asked myself what I would use it for, and for long couldn’t find an answer that would justify the relatively high cost of each print. Later I realized that I could utilize it as a marketing tool, and all of a sudden I had so many ideas popping up that I just had to get one. Among other neat ideas I use Instax prints as my business card – could you think of a better business card for a photographer than…a photo? I couldn’t. But every coin has two sides and the SP-1 sure has its quirks, so the news that Fujifilm were about to release a new version of this printer caught my attention right away, leaving a bad taste in my mouth.The batteryIn my opinion the only real improvement is that the SP-2 has a rechargeable battery. The CR2 batteries used for the SP-1 are relatively hard to get (especially abroad when travelling) and expensive and last for only about 60 prints. The new SP-2 printer comes with a rechargeable NP-45S battery but – at least from what I can see from the official press releases – without a charger. Considering the fact that the printer has a USB port I hope that standard USB chargers can be used with this product. This would also allow for firmware updates unless charging is the only purpose of this port. For travel I would recommend the purchase of at least one more NP-45S battery……

Source: Instax Share SP-2: first impressions | FUJI LOVE

My Self-Imposed 23mm Challenge with a Fuji X100T | Elisabeth Gray

The past few months I have fallen victim to a creative slump, a rut, a lack of enthusiasm around my photography. Call it what you want, I felt uninspired. Although I love nature and bird photography, I found myself struggling to make time to get out and shoot. We live on the gulf coast of southern Mississippi. There is an abundance of wonderful birdlife, beautiful sunsets and unique cypress swamps full of wildlife begging to be photographed. When I did get out, I found I was not very motivated to download my images, let alone take the time to process them. I needed a change. What I really needed was a challenge. I decided to try something I had heard of, but have never tried before, in the hopes that it would relight my photographic passion. We had a two week trip to France booked for the beginning of June. We were spending ten days in Provence and four days in Paris. Normally I would have lugged two DSLR’s and a camera bag stuffed full of lenses with me. But this trip was not a photography trip. This one was a vacation. We would be travelling with non-photographer friends and we were seeing the country for the first time…….

Source: My Self-Imposed 23mm Challenge with a Fuji X100T

2016 Mid Year Review, All In With Fuji | John Wineberg

So this is my first full year shooting exclusively with Fuji Gear.  That gear includes the Fuji X100T, XT1, 18-55 zoom, 56mm f1.2 and the 35mm f2.  I have always gravitated toward landscapes.  I love the outdoors and am lucky enough to live in California, a place that contains such varied landscapes within a short distance.  One of those places is Yosemite National Park, it has always been my favorite landscape location for obvious reasons. People warned me that I might not like the Fuji gear for landscapes.  That I might not be able to duplicate the results that I was used to with my Nikon gear.  To the contrary I believe it has enhanced my landscape photography.  Fuji is able to capture color and detail in a way that my Nikon never could.  The optics of Fuji’s basic „kit“ lens (18-55mm 2.8-4) far surpasses the glass that I had on my Nikon, the 18-70mm f3.5-4.5.  My ultimate landscape lens would be the 8-16mm f2.8 if and when it is made available.  Until then, I am perfectly happy with my Fuji „kit“ lens. …….

Source: 2016 Mid Year Review, All In With Fuji — Photo Foray/Wineberg Images

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