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Review: Fujifilm X70 | Jordan Steele

Fuji kicked off the X-series with the original X100, a camera that had a distinct retro aesthetic, great image quality and an optical viewfinder. It made waves and eventually led to Fuji’s successful X-Series of interchangeable lens cameras. The X100 has seen two more iterations, and today I’m looking at the newest ‘little brother’ of the X100 series: the Fujifilm X70. The X70 features the same APS-C sized sensor as its bigger brother, the X100T, but it comes in a more compact body and with a wider fixed lens of 18.5mm (28mm Full Frame equivalent field of view). To reduce the size, Fuji also removed the excellent hybrid viewfinder and replaced it with the first touch screen on a Fuji camera. Does Fuji have another hit on its hands…..

Source: Review: Fujifilm X70 – Admiring Light

Hip Replacement : The Fujifilm X70 for Street Photography | Derek Clark

The X70 was delivered 5 minutes before my train was due to leave for Edinburgh. It takes 5 minutes to drive from my house to the station, so I ripped open the cardboard box and then quickly opened the familiar black Fuji box (no ripping here). I grabbed the plastic bag with the camera inside and stuffed it in my pocket. I had batteries, an SD card, a leather wrist strap and a lens hood in my camera bag just incase the X70 arrived on time (Thanks Royal Mail Special Delivery).  I got To the platform with only seconds to spare, boarded the train and sat down to unwrap the small, but surprisingly weighty X70. I bought the black version because I wanted it to be as stealthy as possible on the street, otherwise I might have gone for the silver and black version (like myX100). But this was about function rather than looks.  The camera is pretty much an X-T1 with a touch screen LCD, but without a viewfinder……

Source: Hip Replacement : The Fujifilm X70 for Street Photography — Derek Clark Photography

Fujifilm X70 field review – „an X-100 for the rest of us“ | Vassilios Zacharitsev

In a past blog post, a long time ago, speaking of a then possible X-M1 successor, I urged Fujifilm to produce “an X-100 for the rest of us”. The X-M1 line was sadly discontinued, but, a bit more than a year later, Fuji gave us a camera very close to what I had in mind. Surprisingly, even making it possibly better than what I envisioned back then. Technical characteristics for the camera are already well known, so I will not expand in this department. The X70 follows the X-100 paradigm, but in a more modern, generalized form, adding some characteristics which are unique to this model. If you have a look at the original post linked above, you’ll see that I suggested using a moderately fast, short range zoom. This was not implemented in the X70, but, first, allow me a comment. If the global camera market was in a better (read: healthy) state, I have no doubt Fuji would release more than one versions of this camera; and one of them would probably feature such a lens. After all, Fuji has a tradition in implementing such a multi-version policy, as can be seen in older (film) camera lines they had…..

Source: Fujifilm X70 field review – „an X-100 for the rest of us“ — Eyes Unclouded

Fuji Instax SP-2 | SaywellHQ

Today I received a copy of the Fuji Instax SP2 printer, I’m a big fan of the SP1 printer and use it at every wedding I shoot at. The SP1 has always been a good little thing, the quality has never been great, but pick the right picture with the right colours and you can get prints that you can happily hand out at a party or wedding.I’ve had to order this from a foreign land as the suppliers in the UK are quoting mid to late September for delivery from Fuji and then on into shops – so this is not a UK purchased printer, I doubt anything will change when it does get released over here, but thought I’d let you know…..

Source: Fuji Instax SP-2 — Saywellhq Photography

X70 In Cornwall | Saywell HQ

My intention with the X70 was to have it with the WCL adaptor and have it as my carry around camera and the XPro2 for when I needed the extra power or zooms. I’d purchased the converter only a few days before the trip and didn’t have a chance to play with it much before hand. So it was very much bolt it on and off we go. The X70 doesn’t have an eye piece / viewfinder – just a tilt LCD screen on the back. I did find myself raising the camera and putting it to my eye a few times before muscle memory kicked in. I was dubious when I got it that the X70 was going to be too small for my hands, but it’s not too bad, yes some of the buttons on the right hand side next to the screen are difficult to press, but I tended to set this as my shortcut to the film simulations and i didn’t really change it that much. …….

Source: X70 In Cornwall — Saywellhq Photography

Fujifilm X70 review for city and travel photography | Stefano Ferro

Last month I flew to Sydney for few days. I had just my carry-on luggage (7Kg). It was a trip to see few friends. I thought to take my DSLR with me but than I decided not to because it would take most of my luggage allowance and it would also look a bit intimidating when taking photos. I used my mobile instead. Portability should be one of the most important feature when buying travel related gear. Weight and size are two important specs to consider. An amazing looking bag at 10Kg or a beautiful luggage at 5Kg? If you travel and change accommodation frequently, probably 5Kg is the solution, be practical. Back to the camera world. Do you know why your mobile phone is a great camera? ……

Source: Fujifilm X70 review for city and travel photography – MEL365 is Travel photography

Instax Share SP-2: first impressions | FUJI LOVE

When Fujifilm announced the Instax Share SP-1 printer I asked myself what I would use it for, and for long couldn’t find an answer that would justify the relatively high cost of each print. Later I realized that I could utilize it as a marketing tool, and all of a sudden I had so many ideas popping up that I just had to get one. Among other neat ideas I use Instax prints as my business card – could you think of a better business card for a photographer than…a photo? I couldn’t. But every coin has two sides and the SP-1 sure has its quirks, so the news that Fujifilm were about to release a new version of this printer caught my attention right away, leaving a bad taste in my mouth.The batteryIn my opinion the only real improvement is that the SP-2 has a rechargeable battery. The CR2 batteries used for the SP-1 are relatively hard to get (especially abroad when travelling) and expensive and last for only about 60 prints. The new SP-2 printer comes with a rechargeable NP-45S battery but – at least from what I can see from the official press releases – without a charger. Considering the fact that the printer has a USB port I hope that standard USB chargers can be used with this product. This would also allow for firmware updates unless charging is the only purpose of this port. For travel I would recommend the purchase of at least one more NP-45S battery……

Source: Instax Share SP-2: first impressions | FUJI LOVE

My Full Review of the Fujifilm X70 | Dan Bailey

My journey with the Fujifilm X Series camera began with the X10. It was so much fun to hike and bike with that little camera; I felt so liberated and I loved the color and look of the images it produced. Of course, the X10, and the subsequent X20 and X30 had pretty small 2/3″ sensors, so even though I sold a few large reproduction photos to clients I shot with that camera, on the overall scale, it couldn’t really compete on a pro level with the higher end models. Problem solved. This year, Fujifilm revamped the line and introduced the X70, which brought full X Series image quality and performance into a pocket sized camera. With the 16MP X-Trans sensor, the X70 is essentially an entry level version of the X100, and even though it has a slightly wider lens, it still has the same classic design and produces the same image quality as the X100 and almost every other model in the line…….

Source: My Full Review of the Fujifilm X70 – Dan Bailey’s Adventure Photography Blog

The Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Can Add Filters to Your Prints | The Phoblographer

When Fujifilm launched their Instax printer a while back, we honestly couldn’t imagine a way that it could be improved or reworked. But Fujifilm has proven us wrong with their announcement of the Share SP-2 printer. The company claims that it has improved WiFi connectivity, quieter operation with a print appearing in 10 seconds as opposed to 16, and an improved app to work in conjunction with it. But that’s not all. According to the press release issued today, they’re also offering the new printer in a silver and gold option. Beyond this, much of the new functionality comes with new app itself. You can now apply filters and templates to your photos. Additionally, you’ll have control of the brightness, contrast and saturation of each photo. On top of that, you can form a collage of up to four images on one print. More specs are after the jump.…….

Source: The Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Can Add Filters to Your Prints

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