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“Cirque Du Soleil” with the Fujifilm X-Series | Tom Leuntjens

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to cover the dress-rehearsal and première of Amaluna, by Cirque Du Soleil. For the summer they have set up their big top in Knokke-Heist. Awesome show, so go check it out! I’ve been shooting Fujifilm for a couple of years now so I dare to say I know the ins & outs of the system. I was confident enough about the camera’s but I shoot primes only… I guess I looked like the odd-one-out arriving at the venue next to guys from the associated press & getty. (think Canon/Nikon and heavy glass) Gear Used: Fujifilm X-PRO2, Fujifilm X-T1 (with grip), XF16, XF23, XF35, XF90…….

Source: “Cirque Du Soleil” with the Fujifilm X-Series « Tom Leuntjens Photography /// Blog

The Sister I Didn’t Know I Had | Olaf Sztaba

Ten years ago I was yet again a dying man. Regular dialysis kept me alive but drained my body of precious energy so I paid almost weekly visits to the Emergency department. I felt tired, depressed and very sick. This physical and emotional end-of-the-road exhaustion came exactly three years after my multi-month stay in an intensive care unit. That was when I was dying the first time. It all started one ordinary Sunday afternoon when I was playing soccer with my friends. During the game I suffered a small scratch on my leg – one that you would probably ignore. So did I! However, within hours I started to feel unusually weak. That evening I knew something was horribly wrong. By the time I got to a hospital and got a diagnosis, deadly flesh-eating bacteria had already eaten a great chunk of my leg. Who knew it would be just the beginning…..

Source: The Sister I Didn’t Know I Had (Part 1) |

World Bodypainting Festival 2016 | Peter Ziegler

Da ich von 2015 keine Bodypainting Bilder auf dieser Website gezeigt habe, und ich dieses Jahr vor Ort darauf angesprochen wurde, gibt es jetzt wieder einmal Bilder vom farbigsten Event überhaupt!Man kann ja darüber streiten, ob es überhaupt noch Sinn macht, das Festival zu besuchen. Viele sind der Meinung, dass ohnehin nur der fotografische Zufall regiert, weil für Bildgestaltung im Grunde keine Zeit bleibt. Wir Fotografen sind ja schon froh, wenn der Veranstalter, bzw. der fotografische Leiter, interessante farbige Hintergründe zur Verfügung stellt.Dieses Jahr war dies der Fall – zumindest für mein Geschmack. Den schwarzen Hintergrund mag ich mittlerweile nicht mehr. Natürlich ist hier der Kontrast zum bunt gepainteten Model super – schön einfach zum Freistellen. Wer bei schwarzem Hintergrund nicht freistellt, riskiert, dass das Motiv ohne „Erdung“, einfach so im Raum schwebt. Das kann natürlich auch gut aussehen – abhängig von Motiv/Painting…..

Source: World Bodypainting Festival 2016 – Peter Ziegler Fotografie

Walking the streets of Rio with the XF35 F2 & XT-1 | Caveira Photography

Well, it’s been 48 hours since I arrived back in Australia from my 5th visit in ~10 years to Brazil and I’ve got 100gb+ of images to work through from my 2 weeks in the country. It was my first time visiting Brazil with decent photography skills and of course, my first time with my FujiFilm kit.Leading up to this trip was a bit different than previous times, in the sense that recent media chatter about the country being ‚terribly unsafe‘ and rampant with Zika had, for the first time, left me questioning my safety during the visit. Had Brazil suddenly changed? Did its beautiful, rich culture and warm-hearted populace change in a matter of 3 years since my previous visit?Thankfully, no. Brazil is still as I remember it from my 4 prior visits, and its sociable and outgoing way of life is still very much intact, with people who frequently go out of their way to say ‚hello‘ and ‚good day‘.Like every country though, Brazil certainly has its issues, but I’m not going to get into that here.Ever since my first to Brazil in 2006, I have been fascinated by the overtly social manner in which Brazilian people go about their lives. I still vividly remember the Tuesday morning bus ride in the outer suburbs of Rio that created this feeling as I watched the day come to life, which sadly, was contrasted with a drive by viewing of a recent murder scene…..

Source: Walking the streets of Rio with the XF35 F2 & XT-1 – CAVEIRA PHOTOGRAPHY

XF100-400mm Vs Bruce Springsteen | Tony Woolliscroft

For music & concert photographers, restrictions have meant it’s become harder and harder over the years to get those great shots. So seeing the Fujifilm XF100-400mm lens come into the fold is a very welcome addition to the Fujifilm lenses lineup. Along with bad photography contracts thrust upon us as we collect our photo passes, and image right grabs on the pictures we capture, we’re now being forced further and further back within a venue, which restricts what we can actually capture due to the distance we’re expected to shoot at. This makes the XF100-400mm essential to achieving good results……

Source: XF100-400mm Vs Bruce Springsteen – The Fujifilm Blog

Exploring North Georgia Trails | Roman Rusinov

Perfect time to drive up North with the bike and catch last few days of semi-cool weather before it turns into the steamy sauna. Here in Florida, it has been a steam room since beginning of March. Destination: Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Getaway, right outside of Ellijay, GA. Tucked in the woods compound with cozy cabins, event barn and all the amenities fine city folk desires, not to mention a great variety of trails near by. Dates were picked after meticulous examination of the forecasts on every weather website and app available. Everything was finally set, reservations booked, chains lubed, snacks packed. All is well, but your trip partner suffers an injury and you have to restart… Back to staring at the Doppler. I wrote an email asking the kind folks at Mulberry Gap to move our reservations, but pushing that send button meant that I’m basically saying ok to the weather forecast that were currently available…….

Source: Exploring North Georgia Trails | Roman Rusinov

Lazarim and its alder masks | João Almeida

Lazarim is tucked in a small valley near Lamego, to reach it you get a chance to pass to the top of the Montemuro mountains, one of the highest places of Portugal that holds that harsh beauty that a mountain range can give you. In a brief stop there’s even the chance to behold the curvy road downhill, in a distance the human presence becomes more frequent, leading the way to the destination. Driving downhill the village slowly appears, first with the more isolated settlements, even the empty football field, to then appear suddenly after a curve, protected and hidden at the bottom of a valley. The masks are obvious and ubiquitous once getting there, not only because this was Carnival time (or Entrudo, Portuguese for Shrovetide, the more traditional and common name), but also because it’s hard not to miss the iconic “mask demons” in posters in bus stops, in small engravings in stone fountains. It makes perfect sense to have the newly built Iberian Mask Centre here…….

Source: Lazarim and its alder masks – João Almeida

Fujifilm X-Pro2 & Acros film simulation | Edwin Goed

Last february i had a wedding in Amsterdam. The ceremony and the dinner took place in restaurant Bak, it was originaly a pop-up restaurant but now the restaurant has a permanent place in Het Veem, an old warehouse at the Oude Houthaven. One hundred years ago it was a storage for coffee, tea and tobacco. On the third floor is the restaurant with open kitchen. On a slightly resilient wood floor between pub furniture scented white walls under a ceiling paneling. The large windows give fantastic views over the western port area. I had the freedom to go where i wanted, even the kitchen was not off limits to me. My primary job was shooting the wedding but my mind wandered often wonder what I could photograph in black and white. I figured it’d be nice to capture some activity in the kitchen with the beautiful film simulation from Fujifilm called Acros. This simulation adds, in my opinion, just something extra for this kind of social documentary photography. This is such a beautiful simulation, it needs very little adjustments to the picture. Unfortunately, i could not give the kitchen as much attention as i wanted, but photographing a top cuisine is fun to do…….

Source: Fujifilm X-Pro2 & Acros film simulation. – Edwin Goed Fotografie Fotograaf Zwolle

A Portrait of Eduard ~ X-Pro2 & Acros Film Simulation | Kevin Mullins

Eduard Grecu is the award winning head chef of the kitchens at the amazing Woolacombe Bay Hotel. He also happens to be a Fujifilm photographer himself, and a very good one he is too.  We became friends via this website and he very kindly invited my wife and I down to Woolacombe to shoot some behind-the-scenes documentary type images of the kitchen. I’d been contemplating shooting more personal work over the winter months and something that interests me, along with my Being British theme, is the idea of documenting the “behind the scenes” of everyday activities. Having worked in a kitchen myself when I was younger, I’ve remained fascinated by the industrious nature of them. I love how a team can seemly work together from prep through to plating and we, as the consumer, simply see a gorgeous plate of food……..

Source: A Portrait of Eduard ~ X-Pro2 & Acros Film Simulation


This post covers the final day of a little Staffy called Buddha who was diagnosed with a very aggressive, advanced cancer around her organs, and as a result, was living in extreme pain and discomfort. The very difficult decision was made to have her euthanized in the most humane and respectful manner possible. My dear friend Nas sent me a message in the final few days of Buddha’s life asking me to document Buddha’s final day. Knowing full well how significant Nas’s dogs are to her I felt privileged to be asked to undertake such a special task for her. As I observed Buddha and the people who surrounded her at various points during her last day there were many ebbs and flows in her demeanor. She undertook all of her favourite activities this day, like going for a walk around her neighbourhood seeing all her favourite houses and people, having a bath, eating peanut butter, and getting pats from many of her friends……..

Source: Saying Goodbye… – CAVEIRA PHOTOGRAPHY

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