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Thomas Menk | X-Pert 53 Interview

Thomas Menk is a Fuji-X Photographer from Hachenburg, Germany and specialises in Fine Art Photography.

Thomas is what I consider to be a meticulous photographer. His attention to detail is astounding and that would apply to every aspect of the photograph. Within his interview he confesses that detail is an essential quality he likes to shoot with the XF35mm F1.4 lens. You will be more than exposed to this as you enjoy the images he has submitted with his answers. His selection of shots also contain some of my favourite shots collected within the X-pert 53 gallery……

Quelle: Thomas Menk — 53mm



Zurzeit läuft meine Ausstellung VENETIEN in Limburg an der Lahn. Würde mich sehr freuen wenn Ihr mit Euren Freunden mal vorbeischaut

My exhibition VENETIEN in Limburg Germany from 3.12.16 – 7.1.17. I’m looking forward to your visit and thanks for sharing :-)


PhotoPills: The Photographer’s Swiss Army Knife | Francesco Gola

It’s 6pm, it’s cold, and the sun is on its way to set. The tripod is placed, the composition is done – now I just have to wait for the big show that Mother Nature puts on every day to happen again. The sky is threatening, but with a little luck, the sun will pierce the clouds to pass above the lighthouse in front of me. If I think about the first time I went out with the tripod on my shoulder, it makes me smile. I knew more or less where to go, I had no idea of the exact time at which the sun would set, nor where. Failure was inevitable! Years have passed since then, and many things have changed. But the biggest and decisive one is in my hands right now: PhotoPills – photo planning app. ……

Source: PhotoPills: The Photographer’s Swiss Army Knife

Interview with Jonas Jacobsson, from Sweden | Fuji X Passion

Well, I’m 25 years old and currently in my final year on my masters in Industrial Design Engineering, here in Gothenburg Sweden. So studying to become an engineer is what I spend most of my time doing actually, although what people see is probably mainly my photography. If I could I would probably want spend most of my life exploring the world as I feel that is the most rewarding and humbling experience you can have. That is also perhaps my biggest goal with my photography – exploring and trying to capture inspiration that I can forward to people among me that see my work. Forwarding the inspiration so to speak……

Source: Interview with Jonas Jacobsson, from Sweden – FUJI X PASSION

London from an air balloon with Fuji X-T1 and X-Pro2 | Andro Loria

I waited for this flight for a year but it was absolutely worth the wait! The air balloon flights in London are restricted to weather, early mornings, wind directions and speed. The link to the air balloon company site and more information on air ballooning is at the end of this blog. So after seven or eight cancellations, we finaly flew over London from Hyde Park to Wanstead Flats. Starting at about 5:30am the flight lasted for just under an hour. I took my usual trusty Fujifilm X-T1 paired with Fujinon 50-140mm f2.8 and my new best friend – X-Pro2 paired with 16-55mm f2.8. The images below more or less reflect the flight path and have area and building annotations. The general direction with a south westerly wind was from Hyde Park – Marble Arch, Marylebone towards Fitzrovia and Kings Cross, flying further towards Angel and Islington, then swinging towards the east over Hackney and Victoria Park, over the Olympic Park at Stratford and landing at Wanstead Flats, between Forest Gate and Manor Park. I found myself using both X-Pro2 with 16-55 f2.8 and X-T1 (with vertical grip) and 50-140mm f2.8 lens, with slight preference to X-T1 once in the air. Post-editing was done in Lightroom 6. Click on any image to adjust it to your screen size.

Source: London from an air balloon with Fuji X-T1 and X-Pro2. — ANDRO LORIA

How to Create and Compose a Great Landscape Photo | The Phoblographer

Want to learn how to create a better landscape photograph? Well Sebastian Boatca has a lot of experience and can help you with just that. In my opinion, landscape photography is one of the most important categories in Photography. At some point, we all experimented with landscape photography and for a beginner, it is the perfect way to start learning and master the artistic and technical insights of photography. I love to travel and when you encounter a beautiful landscape, especially when that moment of the day carries some beautiful emotions with it, your biggest desire is to capture that moment and cherish it, save it in your dearest memory collection and share it with the people you care about. This was the beginning of photography, for me. And like every beginning, you deal with difficulties, but the safest way to approach Photography is by starting with Landscapes. You have enough time to think about your composition, to get the camera settings right and your “subject” will not move or get bored, waiting for you to be ready for the shot. Landscape Photography is forgiving, is comfortable, especially for shy people and it is beautiful….

Source: How to Create and Compose a Great Landscape Photo

Ilfracombe beach | Marc Cooper

Photos from the beach at Ilfracombe in North Devon, England. Long exposure photography and some early morning fog to create ‚lunar‘ landscapes. Eerie, quiet, gorgeous. There is a tunnel leading from the town to the beach – called tunnels beaches funnily enough – which was originally created by smugglers but later adapted by the Victorians when they created single-sex bathing areas. I was lucky enough to visit on a quiet, rainy Sunday morning with lots of mist and cloud……

Source: Ilfracombe beach — Marc Cooper Photography

Where the Ground Meets the Sky | Riley Joseph

The Canadian Rocky Mountains are only an hour or so from my home here in Alberta. I definitely do not take advantage of how close they are. That needs to change. And yes.. I say that all the time. I booked a heli tour with my friend & fellow photographer, Cody Priebe, to shoot some aerial shots of the mountains that I have observed at a distance my entire life. A word of caution.. I would not recommend booking a helicopter tour if your intention is photography unless the company is geared towards photographers. You will find that the time slots will not be ideal (at 9am ours was the earliest we could book) and you will be shooting through the dirty, curved plexiglass windows. I learned a custom flight time and the removal of doors is a privilege saved for those photographers ‘vetted’ by the provincial tourism board.. aka social media influencers. So armed with polarizers for window reflections & the full expectation that the light would be harsh, we set out to the mountain skies. This is where the ground meets the sky…….

Source: Where the Ground Meets the Sky by Riley Joseph

Interview with Glyn Davies | Fujifeed

Glyn Davies is a photographer brought up in rural Cornwall in the South West corner of the UK but he now lives on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, with views to the magnificent Welsh mountains of Snowdonia. From a family of fine-artists and art lecturers, Glyn’s background was in drawing and painting before he went to university in London to study photography and television. He started his freelance photographic career in the autumn of 1987 following graduation. In 2002 he took a very brave step in opening a photographic gallery on Anglesey, in which he concentrated on producing, printing and selling more personal landscape work than the commercial and industrial commissions he had been shooting up until then…….

Source: Glyn Davies — Fujifeed

Norwegische Landschaften in Monochrom | Michael Schaake

Auf meinen Reisen in den hohen Norden überwältigt mich die Schönheit der Natur immer wieder von Neuem. Landschaften erstrahlen im gleissendem Licht der Mittagssonne, werden durch die Mitternachtssonne in warme Farben getaucht, ein heraufziehendes Unwetter leuchtet sie dramatisch aus… Diese Liste ließe sich noch lange weiterführen. Die Norwegische Landschaft ist wie geschaffen für die Landschaftsfotografie. Egal ob gutes oder schlechtes Wetter – Motive gibt es im Überfluss. Die damit einhergehende Dramatik kommt dabei besonders gut in monochromen Fotografien zur Geltung…….

Source: Norwegische Landschaften in Monochrom — FlipBook

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