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Todays blog post is a little different from usual, being aimed at fellow photographers. Below I’ve posted a few images from a complete wedding with the Fuji X Pro 1 camera. I’ve tried to keep away from the technical details, so hopefully everyone can enjoy the photos.The Fuji X Pro 1 is a relatively new camera, that is increasing in popularity, especially with documentary wedding photographers due to its small size and amazing image quality. The camera does have a few quirks, but as already mentioned, I’m not getting into technical with this post, and will let the images speak for themselves instead, which is my way
The first complete wedding I shot using the Fuji X Pro 1 was Lydia and Michael’s, the perfect wedding opportunity as it was a lovely small intimate wedding. A relaxed affair, without some of the more ‘usual’ aspects such as 1st dance. Being unobtrusive was of paramount importance, and I think this little camera helped me achieve that. I used the X Pro 1 at this wedding alongside my trusty Canon 5d Mark III, and I would say about a 3rd of the images handed to Lydia and Michael were shot with the X Pro 1, nearly all using the 35mm lens (approx 50mm equivalent). There are lots of reviews and blog posts online that look at this camera, and most of the things you read are true. I would not be confident using it for the fast action aspects of the wedding day such as the bride coming down the aisle (fast aspects in wedding photography terms!) as the auto focus is not good enough. But this camera has made me slow down, and consider my framing more, it is a joy to use. During the reception, I can put my large Canon to the side, and mingle with the guests with my Fuji….its easy to forget I’m not a guest myself!

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