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Several readers have mentioned the Fuji X-Pro1’s lack of built-in diopter correction. A commenter named peter [sic—I always reproduce commenter names just as they come in] mentioned this morning that Nikon FM-style diopters fit the Fuji’s eyepiece. That’s fortunate, because those are the most common aftermarket diopters (well, they’re not aftermarket, but they might as well be), and they’re widely available. At B&H Photo, they’ll be labeled „Diopter for FM3A, FM2, FM, FE2, FE & FA“ and they cost $21.95 each. Admittedly, that doesn’t help if you don’t know what diopter you need, but maybe your optician could help you there. Or perhaps you have another camera on which the diopter correction dial or slider is marked with actual values….

Doug: Some technical notes on dioptric correction lenses.

„Nikon, like Canon and maybe other manufacturers, labels their correction lenses by the total effect when mounted on a camera with the standard –1 diopter viewfinder, so a ‚–2‘ lens has an additional –1. There is no ‚–1‘ correction lens, because that’d be plain glass. There is, however, a ‚0‘ (Nikon seems to call it ’neutral‘) correction lens that has a +1 correction.
„Dioptric numbers for viewfinders are straightforward. They determine the apparent distance (for eye-focusing) of the viewscreen. They’re numbered in –1/meters.

  • 0/neutral: infinity
  • –0.5: 2 meters
  • –1 (standard viewfinder): 1 meter
  • –2: 1/2 meter
  • –3: 1/3 meter
  • +anything: Buzz Lightyear territory (infinity and beyond)

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