Done deals….. Have I done the right thing Fuji X-E1 | Simon Peckham

So what have I done? Have I done the right thing. I have been with Nikon system for 5 years and I have been very happy. Well that is until I bought the Fuji X100 and fell in love with an image quality and visceral user experience that is truly stunning once you have worked out and dealt with all its little issues. So Why! Read on.
Since owning the Fuji X100 I have taken a completely new view on photography, I now see something very different than before, don’t get me wrong I have taken fabulous images in all areas portraiture,fashion,architecture and street, just take a look at my website for examples.However there has always been something missing, not quite right, striving for that something else and I was never able to put my finger on it. My Nikon set up has been fabulous and I have improved in my skills year on year and from D80 to D300s and numerous lens’s and wondering if the next step to find that something special I am looking for is in Nikon full frame. The recent launch of the D600 put that in reach even more than ever, and just take a look at the image below, the quality and sharpness of my thoughtful self portrait wondering if I have made a mistake or not it not bad at all with the D300s. Actually thinking about it this is the very last frame I have made with a Nikon Body. Will I come to regret this?…..
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