Dumbo (Brooklyn, NY) with Fuji X-Pro1 | Jeff Seltzer

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I recently had about 12 hours in New York City. Rather than walk around Manhattan, like I usually do, I decided to venture to an area I’ve never been before – just over the Manhattan Bridge to an area known as DUMBO ( Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). It’s a cool „urban“ area with a little more personal space than I’m used to in Manhattan. Next time, I will plan my adventure later in the day for better light, but I just didn’t have that luxury this time. I was armed with my new Love, my Fuji X-Pro1 with all three lenses. No way would I have lugged my 5DII with more than one lens. But, the Fuji allowed me to carry the whole kit in relative comfort. And, I actually used all three lenses. Here are some of my favorite shots (including a couple from the airport, by the way).  If you are interested in any technical detail on the shots, just post a comment or send me an email (sometimes, comment feature doesn’t work with certain browsers…not sure why!).
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