Fashion Week with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 – Review | J.R. Bernstein

Since its introduction, and particularly after having reviewed the Fujifilm X10 last March in New York City, I had been looking forward to trying out the X-Pro1, and Toronto Fashion Week seemed like the perfect opportunity to put this camera through its paces. I wanted to know how it would compare with other rangefinder cameras that I’ve used, and also how it would compare to a professional DSLR.

Seeing as I don’t shoot from the media pits when I’m at Fashion Week, and I tend to mingle and attend all sorts of events, both on-site and off-site (ie. after-parties), I was really looking forward to a smaller camera that would more easily fit in with the crowd, and something that doesn’t weigh a ton — there’s nothing quite as awkward as having to swap hands and put down a load of gear, just to shake someone’s hand. But, that said, I can’t sacrifice image quality when any number of my images might be published by a variety of outlets. And to top it off, what could be more fashionable than a black retro-styled camera, to go along with the rest of my Fashion Week attire?

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