Feeding the dogs | Marc-André Pauzé

At the end of the day, on the now iced shore of the Hudson Strait, the dogs are hungry. They are chained on the edge of the village because they are inuit dogs sleds, specially trained for the hard life of traditional sled pulling and race. As the sunset below the mountains, the cold and dark night sets.

Johnny Angnatuk from Quaqtaq drive his truck to get near the pack. He comes to feed them and they know it. They pull on their chain, anxious to see what he is bringing.

Tonight, it’s going to be frozen seal meat. He cut big piece with his ax and the dog get their share.

Johnny has been training his team for five years for the Ivakkak race, a traditional dog sledding race of 300-500 km in the harsh winter of Nunavik. Not satisfied with his last year performance because of a too young team, he hopes that they will be stronger this year, led by the big “Kajuk” (The Brown one).

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