First Look: Fujifilm X-T1 | Wilson Wong

In summary, the image quality afforded by the X-T1 is the same as the X-Pro1/E1/E2. Even if there is, it is pretty minute. The reason why people would buy the E2 then is the improved AF performance due to the phase detection diodes in the sensor to aid faster focusing. So the X-T1 has the same sensor and along with it, the same speed in focusing. What’s the main thing I would get it over the E2 would be the huge EVF and with it, a fast refresh rate while doing continuous shots such as for sports or nature shooting is certainly a boon. Coupled this with the Ultra High Speed UHS-II SD cards and this camera do perform really snappily. But would I buy one over my X-E1 which is a generation older? In short I won’t. I don’t need the weather sealing and with it, all the changes to the size of the buttons and the removal of the shutter screw thread. I am still ok with the EVF size on the X-E1  and the focusing speed without the Phase Detection but I do feel that the buttons on the old camera are that much more comfortable to use……

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