Fuji Camera Remote App for Street Photography | Expat Photographer

I’ve said before, I like to shoot street candids like a ninja. I’m not all “In your face.” I’m like the wind, completely unseen. When I heard about the Fuji X-T1 and the Camera Remote App I was intrigued. Being able to shoot photos through my iPhone or tablet? I would be a complete ninja. My successes have been hit or miss. The Fuji Camera Remote App is a well-crafted utility. You can change ISO, EV, shutter speed and aperture. You can complete control the camera and focus by touching the live view preview on your device screen. All good. The main problem: Lag. The live view preview doesn’t lag, pressing the shutter button and taking a photo does. Frame up a great shot, press the shutter button and then maybe it will shoot immediately or maybe not. The Fuji Camera Remote App is not for fast snap shots, it takes some anticipation. The app is not at all like a Cam Ranger – which is super-responsive. Maybe Cam Ranger will release a Fuji version? ……

Source: expat-photographer.com

Fuji X-T1

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