Fuji fans: RoboSHOOT remote TTL trigger comes to US retail (and soon, Canada as well!) | Mike Tomkins

These days, there are a whole lot of different remote TTL flash setups on the market. Every once in a while, though, we see a product which is just a little bit different, and that certainly looks to be true of the RoboSHOOT TTL trigger for Fuji X-series cameras. In fact, we’ve already revealed one unique attribute of the RoboSHOOT in our opening paragraph: As of right now, it’s your only option for wireless TTL flash on the X-series. There are a fair few other remote flash systems out there for Fuji shooters, but they all require manual flash control. Perhaps even more impressively, though, one variant of the RoboSHOOT is also cross-brand compatible…….

Source: www.imaging-resource.com