Fuji hands-on at CES 2013 | Chris Dodkin on DPreview

Shot with Fuji X-Pro1 with XF14mm f/2.8R
Fuji had a good display of technology from snappy cams through the X series, to pro TV cameras and lab photo printing machines. I spent about an hour with the Fuji team. looking at the new equipment and asking as many questions as I could.
It looks and feels exactly like the original X100 – only the S gives it away.

All accessories fit the new camera, and they have designed a new leather case with a built-in flap for the battery/SD Card slot. The rear of the camera has a minor change, the RAW button is now the Q button…..
X Series 14mm Lens
I got the chance to fit the 14mm lens to my X-Pro1 and take some test shots at the show – the lens needs new camera firmware to enable all functions, which was unavailable, but it seemed to perform AF just fine. Close Focus – which is extremely close! The 14mm has fast AF, and very little distortion – it feels solid and well made, with smooth AF, and a typical aperture ring just like the previous primes. The additional manual focus scale is a nice feature.

Very happy with the quick test – I will be buying this lens as soon as available – Fuji reps suggested within the next 2 weeks….

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