Fuji X Camera Advice for a Student | Marco Sobrevinas

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Recently, a nice lady saw me at a restaurant with my Fuji X cameras, and she asked me for advice on which Fuji cameras to get for her daughter. Her daughter was enrolled in a high school program with a strong specialty on visual arts, and photography was one of their areas of study. What follows below is an abbreviated version of my Fuji gear advice to them: Fuji X cameras with Interchangeable Lenses. While there are Fuji X cameras that have a fixed lens (I’ll discuss one at the very end of this paper), for a student of photography who wants to grow with her art, choosing a camera that can interchange lenses is the wisest, long-term investment. Different lenses are appropriate for different subjects. I use an ultra-wide zoom (10-24mm) for my real estate photography. But then I switch to a moderate telephoto (60mm Macro) when I do corporate portraits. Ultra close-up shots can also be done by the 60mm Macro…..

Source: eyebeamimages.wordpress.com

Fuji X100T

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