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The Fuji X-Pro1was a hit. But at $1700 for the body alone, it was (and still is) bonkers expensive. The new X-E1 is Fuji’s reaction to that. With a pared down body and new kit lens, Fuji could maintain its enthusiast appeal—and attract a broader market.
What Is It.
Another Leica-lookalike mirrorless cam from Fuji. Basically, it’s the X-Pro1 minus an optical viewfinder, plus a pop-up flash, and for a lot less money—$1000, body-only.
Who’s It For?
Purist photographers who want high image quality over versatility.
Test Notes
We love the plentiful bracketing options. You can bracket exposure, ISO, dynamic range, and even Fuji’s film simulations (essentially color profile presets).The shutter-speed wheel is a bit tough to rotate. You usually need two fingers to turn it, where it would be great to just use your thumb.Fuji’s lens lineup is limited. Only a 18mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4, and 60mm f/2.4 are available, with another 6 or so lenses arriving in the next year, according to this lens roadmap. ‚Til now, at least, all of Fuji’s lenses have been of great quality at moderate prices.
Should You Buy It?
Absolutely, for stellar images. But not if you want bells and whistles. This isn’t a camera for video, for in-camera effects, wi-fi, or scene modes. It’s for unadulterated photography, with fantastic image quality and control. The caveats include mediocre autofocus, crappy video mode, and weird RAW noise patterns. But this is a good low-cost alternative to the X-Pro1. Aside from that model’s better build quality, are nearly zero qualities that we miss on this lower-priced camera. If you’re in the market for this, consider a few alternatives—there’s the Sony NEX-7, which is due for a refresh in 2013, and could be a bargain. The Sony NEX-6 is definitely more versatile, but it’s slightly behind in control scheme. Then, the Olympus OMD-EM5 rules the world of auto-focus—but it can’t match the sheer image quality of the X-E1.
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