Fuji X-E1, the first real digital LEICA for all of us | Mike Kobal

The X-E1 does pretty much what the X Pro-1 does in a smaller, lighter package, featuring the same superb X Trans image sensor and a better, higher resolution EVF. It doesn’t pretend to be a rangefinder. The no nonsense form follows function design approach pays off and we get a clean, sleek looking camera body. Personally, I think the X-E1 is one of the best looking digital cameras out there. The X-E1 is almost identical in button/dial layout to the X Pro 1. In addition there is a pop up flash, a 2.5mm stereo mic socket and an electronic shutter release option. A full metal body with a solid tripod socket. So, what do we loose and what do we gain? We get a slightly smaller, lesser quality rear LCD and we loose the unique hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder. With this latest release Fuji improves auto focus speed and makes significant manual focus enhancements, now a joy to use with their own and 3rd party lenses. Hurray! X Pro 1 owners can download the latest firmware and enjoy the same improvements we get in the X-E1 right out of the box.
First impressions:
I love shooting with the X-E1. It is just the right size, smaller then the X Pro1 and slightly larger then the X100. I am a big fan of manual aperture and shutter speed dials, being able to see those settings instantly, even when the camera is turned off, is a huge plus. The discreet shutter sound makes candid shooting easy. Autofocus is extremely accurate, especially when shooting wide open with the 35mm 1.4, but the real quantum leap occurs when in manual focus, with native Fuji and 3rd party lenses. Fuji gets it right this time and kudos for listening and updating the firmware. Update: I planned to compare it to the Sony Nex 6, unfortunately the package arrived in such bad shape I had to decline delivery :( – will update this post once the replacement arrives…
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