Fuji X-Pro1 – progress | Andy Rapkins

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I’ve been using the Fuji X-Pro1 regularly since it was released in March. It has been the camera I go to first for personal work (including the birth of my second son), and at most weddings I have shot since then as well. Today Fuji released v2 of the firmware for the camera and lenses, and in doing so they addressed the main issue that I – and users in general it seems – had with the camera: it’s focussing. It had never been quick to focus, but I mainly found it to be accurate except for when the light levels really dropped. The slower speed didn’t bother me greatly as I always try to slow down when working anyway. I considered the Fuji to be more related to using a manual focussing rangefinder, than a complete SLR replacement. All change now…..

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