Fuji X70 Review: A New Compact X Series Camera | Patrick Leong

So much has changed since the days of the first X100 or even the X-Pro1.  The Fuji X Series has grown into a system that now encompasses an extensive range of products in an attempt to appeal to a broader range of photographers and enthusiasts.  A new camera that has just been recently added to this growing system is the Fuji X70.  This new camera uses essentially the same basic recipe that has made the X Series so popular amongst its followers, like the same sensor and analog controls of it’s other siblings, but puts it all in a very compact form.  By doing this, Fuji hopes to appeal to users looking for a high end compact camera with the performance and characteristics of the X Series. I review a lot of Fuji X gear, and one thing is for certain: build quality is getting better and better as new products are being introduced…..

Source: findingrange.com