Fuji XF 55-200mm 3.5-4.8 lens impressions | Lyle Genyk

When I bought the x-pro1 I did so with a specific purpose in mind. I wanted a camera that would be fun to shoot, have a lot of easy to access controls, and be small enough to carry everywhere, without being “too” small. The x-pro 1 fit the bill perfectly. Add in the excellent XF 35/1.4 and I was set. I had no intention of turning this into a system, especially one that contained a zoom, a tele-zoom at that. Then along comes the Fuji XF 55-200 IS tele-zoom lens. I had no plans to buy one being that I already had the wonderful 70-200/4 IS for my Canon 6D. I wasn’t even interested at going to look at one. Low and behold the lens found me. I just happened to be at my local camera shop (props to Imagetech Thunder Bay) when the courier driver pulled up with one in his shipment. Once opened I had to take a peek. Really, who could resist? I didn’t want a consumer grade tele-zoom anyways. So what harm could just looking do……………………….

In the end I gave in to my better judgement and left with the lens. A lens I didn’t need or even want. A lens that hasn’t left my camera in two days, and wont for the foreseeable future. At $699 its not near as cheap as the 55-200 variations  from Tamron, Sigma and Sony. It is far better built though, and is stabilized. The IQ is also in a different league from the budget zooms. Its closest rival would be the Canon 70-200/4.  The Canon is faster at the long end (barely), has less range,  and costs more, so again the Fuji wins here. Regardless, its all irrelevant considering the fact that the Fuji 55-200 is the only lens of the group that will fit on a Fuji body. Simply put, the lens is a must have……

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