Fujifilm Fujinon XF 60 mm f/2.4 R Macro review | Lenstip.com

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  • solid and high quality casing,
  • very good resolution in the frame centre,good resolution on the edge of the frame,
  • excellent correction of chromatic aberration,
  • slight spherical aberration,
  • good coma correction,
  • negligible astigmatism,
  • moderate vignetting,
  • good transmission.


  • noticeable distortion,
  • unreliable autofocus,
  • work against bright light could have been better.

Out of three lenses, launched along the Fujifilm X-Pro1, the 2.4/60 model has the best pros to cons ratio. Does it mean it is the best? It would be difficult to answer such a question unambiguously. Usually 60-150 mm macro lenses fare very well in our tests, often breaking resolution records or at least coming close to it. The Fujinon 2.4/60 doesn’t break any records despite its long list of advantages but it must be emphasized that the quality of images, provided by that lens, is still very good. Perhaps the fact that from the very beginning the lens was designed not as a typical macro device but as a compromise between a classic macro photographic instrument and a portrait lens is the reason. Compromises and emphasis on versatility result in gains in one area and unavoidable losses in the other.

Objectively we must admit that the losses of the Fujinon 2.4/60 are not very important so this lens is a quite successful compromise. Its biggest slip-up seems to be the autofocus but we hope that with the new firmware and new bodies, appearing in that system, the problems with setting the focus will go away and be forgotten.

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