Fujifilm launches X-Series Club for UAE’s passionate photographers | Fujifilm

Photo: Keitaro So, General Manager, Fujifilm Electronics Imaging Division
Fujifilm, a specialist in cameras and imaging technology, has launched the exclusive X-Series Club in an effort to bring together passionate photographers in the UAE. The X-Series club concept was developed for Fujifilm’s social media page fans across Facebook and Twitter, who found the need for such a platform and use models from the acclaimed Fujifilm X-Series: X100, X10, X-S1 and X-Pro1. The club promises members a wide variety of activities ranging from photography workshops and community events to enjoyable experiments with the X-Series models in adventurous settings. The first X-Series Club activity called the ‚7 Avatars of UAE‘ will take members to the seven Emirates over the next seven months. Each month, club members will find themselves in a different Emirate where they can capture the regions essence.

Every trip promises to show participants an array of culture, heritage, architecture, the desert, the sea and nature’s beauty in different forms. These visits will be an exhilarating journey with like-minded people. „The X-Series is a very special range for Fujifilm, made with groundbreaking technology and embodied in a traditional chassis of ergonomic perfection to capture precious moments. The X-Series Club has been conceptualized to involve and educate our customers in the UAE and moreover is a token of our appreciation to their great response,“ said Keitaro So, General Manager, Fujifilm Electronics Imaging Division, MENA. He added, „The X-Series Club is our way of engaging photographers and providing a great platform to develop their skills. The ‚7 Avatars of UAE‘ event, which is exclusively for the Fujifilm X-Series Club members, will showcase the different facets of the UAE in various perspectives. We are sure that members will have a great experience and will relish the opportunity to enjoy their photography along with networking with fellow enthusiasts.“ Middle East business and financial news, directory and current events. AME Info provides constant business and news updates.
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