Fujifilm X-E1 and XF 18-55mm Lens | Brendon Remler

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I took a walk around town this week and shot some images with the X-E1. The newest camera in the X series should ship around Nov 1 in the USA. One thing that I always look for is the way a digital camera captures sky blue. I was a big fan of Velvia and miss the look of a landscape with the rich hues of Velvia since I don’t shoot film that often. So when I took a walk on the High Line with the X-E1 I wanted to see what kind of blues it would capture. Needless to say I am overjoyed with its performance. I hit the Quick menu button and flipped the X-E1 in Velvia mode and set off. As expected the images are sharp and vivid and this is from a pre-production body and lens (it is not without faults because of this so it will only improve). The XF18-55mm lens has a few new features for XF lenses. There is optical image stabilization, and you can see the switch on the bottom left of the lens image. Then there is an aperture ring which communicates the F/ number to the body when the lens is switched from the Automatic to Aperture icon. This lets you spin the ring closest to the body to adjust the aperture values. The next ring is the zoom ring, followed by the smooth manual focusing ring.
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