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Having provided a detailed ‚First Look‘ at Fujifilm’s X-E1 interchangeable-lens camera in September, rather than re-hash the information supplied there, we’ll concentrate on aspects of the camera we were unable to assess in our initial overview: handling and performance. The X-E1 has been eagerly awaited, largely because it combines sought-after features from the X-Pro 1 with a smaller, lighter and cheaper body.

If you’re in the market for a mirrorless camera and not committed to other systems, the X-E1 is well worth a look, particularly if you prefer a traditional control layout. Aside from the X-Pro1, the main competitor for the X-E1 is Sony’s NEX-7, which also has an APS-C sensor but a much less traditional control layout.

Serious photographers could also consider the Olympus OM-D, which also provides traditional styling, albeit with a more convoluted control interface (which provides more options for customisation plus a wider range of in-camera adjustments). But its sensor is smaller, although a great performer for its type.

With the addition of the X-E1, Fujfilm has made a genuine step towards establishing a serious mirrorless camera system that could attract discerning photographers. Whether it will compete effectively depends on how soon the company can expand its range of lenses and other accessories for the two current cameras and grow the system into the future. This company has shown itself to be one of the most creative, innovative and photographer-attuned players in the arena so we look forward to future developments.

Buy this camera if:

  • You’re looking lighter and cheaper, retro-styled camera with manual shooting modes and raw file capture plus Full HD video recording with stereo soundtracks.
  • You want above-average performance in low-light conditions at up to ISO 6400.
  • You’d like manually-adjustable aperture and zoom rings.

Don’t buy this camera if:

  • You require an optical viewfinder.
  • You want a wider range of lenses than Fujifilm currently offers.

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