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Fujifilm X-E1: Verdict
While it might be tempting to think of the X-E1 as a stripped back X-Pro1, that does it something of a disservice in that the X-E1 is a great camera in its own right. Gifted with the same premium grade construction and finish, the X-E1 feels more refined and balanced than it’s more expensive sibling. While some may lament the removal of the hybrid viewfinder found in the X-Pro1, the truth is that the X-E1’s sharper, crisper EVF more than makes up for this, though the rear screen remains, at 2.8in and 460k-dots, somewhat underpowered for a camera of this price. Our only other issue is the autofocus performance and while this has certainly been improved from the X-Pro1, it’s still not as fast or as responsive as what’s offered by other CSCs. These issues aside, and the X-E1 is a joy to shoot with. By far the biggest selling point of the X-E1, however, is its sensor. The quality of the results and the detail rendered is excellent, delivering images that are some of, if not the best we’ve seen from an APS-C sized sensor.
Score 8/10
Scores In Detail
Build Quality 8/10
Design & Features 8/10
Image Quality 9/10
Value 8/10
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