Fujifilm X-Pro 1 ~ 8000 frame user review | Damien Lovegrove

There is a lot of conflicting information online about the Fuji X-Pro1. It is certainly not a camera for everyone. I’d go as far to say it is probably only suited to about 1% of photographers but those photographers will cherish the little marvel and defend it to the ends of the Earth. You have to know what you are doing and adjust your shooting technique in order to get the best from the X-Pro1. Having said that I owned a Zorki 4 and a Practica TL in the 1970s and I learned how to set aperture, ISO and shutter speed just like every other photography student. Invest the time to learn the characteristics of the lenses, the best way to achieve focus lock and the Fuji X-Pro1 will reward you with beautifully detailed imagery.

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