Fujifilm X-Pro1 user review | Ray Fothergill

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Hold on to your hats, this is the most extensive test ever posted on MyFinePix. We invited Ray Forthergill to test the Fujifilm X-Pro1 along with a trio of lenses and test it he most certainly did. Over to you, Ray…

Firstly, may I say this is a long review, so if you want the main results but miss the finer points go straight to the end for the summary. On first unpacking the X-Pro 1 and the current available three FX lenses the initial impression on looking at and feeling the products is one of quality. All metal construction of both camera and lenses with what looks like leather around the body of the camera’s face and back. It’s not heavy even with the largest 60mm macro lens attached and weighs less and is smaller than my S100fs. A front rubberised grip for your right hand also helps with the tactile feeling of this camera. Surface buttons and dials feel solid and are well placed around the body and are of good size and well marked in a way that does not look as if it will wear off over time. Having come from mainly bridge style cameras and DSLRs I was awaiting this arrival with some trepidation, as I knew this camera would challenge me , though whether in a good or bad way was yet to be seen. The trepidation was two fold. First the body had an optical straight through old style view finder reminiscent of my parent’s Kodak box brownie. I realised that could present problems with framing but I’ll get to that later. Second, there were two dials. One on top that had shutter speeds an ‚A‘ on it as well as a couple of positions for custom settings and bulb etc. In all a pretty busy little dial. I have never had to use a dial like that before and wondered if it would slow down the way I normally work. The second dial at the back of the camera below the top one was a command style type I’m used to. The fn button was on the top right of the top dial, normally a pretty useless button for me on most cameras but came in useful later.

The Lenses again are very well made with proper aperture rings with a light but positive click positioning system you could feel without looking at and metal lens hoods of which one was round and quite deep for the 60mm lens and two that had squared off front ends which made them look quite stylish and blended with the style of camera body……

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