Fujifilm X-Trans RAW (RAF) processed in Capture One 7.0.2 Beta vs
Lightroom 4.2

This evening I installed Phase One Capture One 7.0.2 beta and ran some test with Fuji X-Trans RAW files in comparison with Adobe’s Lightroom 4.2. The test was simple, I grabbed an existing RAF file, imported and exported it in LR4.2 and CO7.0.2b. Then I took the same file and added some extra sharpening and exported it again. No other edits were done.One thing I have noticed with X-Trans RAW files in LR is you can’t sharpen them much before the image becomes swirled and painting-like. This didn’t happen with CO7b. Here are some after I did what I would consider normal sharpening for this shot. I’ve not used Capture One software before but it is all self explanatory. It opened, zoomed and edited Fuji RAW files much faster than LR4.2. I would say CO and LR are both about the same for ease of use, not something I would say for Silkypix…

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